We have a new round of beta testing coming

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Pavel and Masahiro from the Dev Team have been working hard lately to get a new Windows build ready with new compiling tools.  Pavel ran into a bad snag, and once again Masahiro found a way to fix it.  So now we are getting close to being ready to beta test the next, new release of LightZone, (read more, click the link below...)

....with the addition of new (old) tools rescued by Doug, new raw profiles by Doug, and a couple of other tweaks and bug fixes by Masahiro, including a larger font. So we once again need some beta testers.  Please respond to this call using the comments link at the bottom of this post.  Remember to tell us your OS---this is for all OS's.

I could test on Linux

Manjaro (arch based, will need to compile)

Linux Mint Debian


So when exactly is this new round of beta testing coming?


Wish I knew!  I thought based

Wish I knew!  I thought based on internal comms that it was starting earlier this week...sending out a search party now.

Are you a Zouave? You look pretty good for your age.  Maybe you're one of those Civil War vampires...?

Ha,ha, I liked it! Yeah, wish

Ha,ha, I liked it! Yeah, wish I was... Instead, you know how it works: born at the wrong time in a wrong place instead.

The Gator

Love to test, win 8, 64 bit.

I would love to test on

I would love to test on Debian Linux 7.1 (Wheezy), 64 bit, especially if the 64 bit bug in the JNI libraries are fixed (causes crashes whenever you try to save your changes to JPG).

If you still need some more:

If you still need some more:  Mac OS X 10.8, Windows 8 32bit (Atom powered tablet), OpenSuSE 12.3 (64bit VM), Ubuntu 12.10 (64bit VM).

Beta test

Looking for any update that will work with Fuji x100S RAF files.

mac osx 10.8.5 

mac osx 10.8.5 

2.4ghz and 8gb ram 64gb ssd


Beta Tester for Windows 7 and OSX Mountain Lion

Please allow me to be the tester for both of my OS:

1. Dell Precision M6400 with Windows 7 - 64 Bit (at work)

2. MacBook Pro with OSX 10.8.x Mountain Lion (at home)


Happy To Test Esp 4 Batch Noise Reduction!

System would be Windows 7 64 bit; already a happy Lightzone user!

I would like to test the Mac

I would like to test the Mac-version of Lightzone. I use Mac-OS 10.7



Beta Test

I would test fuji X-trans files on windows 7 64bit

Win 8 x86 and Windows 7 x64

Win 8 x86 and Windows 7 x64 and x86. XP x86 SP3. Ubuntu 13.04 if required :p

I would like to test it too.

I would like to test it too.

OS : Windows 7 profesisonal 64-bit edition. 

RAW File/Camera : X-Trans RAW files from x100s

I would like to Beta Test!

Windows 8 64-bit


Please let me test...

... on windows (x86 preferred)


Tool bar in 4.1.0beta5-x86

When you select crop from the toolbar, the options are off screen to the RHS and don't seem to be adjustable. This didn't occur with 3.9 and is only a feature with 4.1 beta at lower screen resolutions (1024x768).

At 1920x1080 for instance there is plenty of real estate for the crop options!

A minor point for 'retro' monitor users maybe.


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