We Are Getting a New Influx of Members

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In the last 12 hours we have seen a significant uptick in member signups, a more than 800% increase from our current normal daily signup.  Our experience shows that this is the result of an article or mention somewhere, but googling has not yet shown me where, and Google Analytics is not helping either..  Can someone help, please.  We like to keep track.


Are you getting a lot of french usernames, if so maybe this post caused it:
Best regards

(which refers to an older post at lifehacker which in turn refers to another older post at www.noupe.com)


I found you through a lifehacker article on Great Photo Tips.


lifehacker recently published an article featuring you

Yep, me too! :)  http:/
uptick = lifehacked

Yip, I think Threazy is correct.

I only found out about Lightzone today after browsing through this lifehacker article where you guys got an honoury mention...  http://lifehacker.com/most-popular-photography-tips-tricks-and-hacks-of-201-1476696589


I heard about your project on lifehacker yesterday.


I might be an exception.  I knew about LightZone from a demo in Palo Alto a few years ago.  I Googled it and found the link.



Me too

The Lifehacker article was also featured in Pulse technology newsfeed.

I found it the same way, can

I found it the same way, can't imagine what I did before Pulse News, but all the good things I know come from their feeds.

Mention from where I came to know about LightZone


This is where I learnt about LightZone and registered. 


I heard about it on the Lifehacker Article

Lifehacker article

Hi Tex,

Yeah, as many others hace said, lifehacker put the article about your program on the spotlight again with their complilation of best photo tips of 2013. That's the reason I'm here as well.


Ditto on the Lifehacker article

Lifehacker brought me here as well

The age of the information superhighway.  Super excited to try Lightzone!!!!  :-)

Lifehacker sent us here


Jim Jonah
lifehacker article...

from lifehacker

Fuji X-Forum

lightzone was mentioned in a discussion there and peaked my interest

Lifehacker article

I was brought here to sign-up from Lifehacker

How I found Lightzone

After trying a lot of 'free' RAW editors and by googling. Attended to your 'Lightzone' by http://www.pepermunt.net/foto/raw-bestanden-openen.html after reading reviews on different sites from througout Europe. 

How I found it.

I found LightZone after looking at exif data from a photo on Flickr.

!!!!!  You win a prize!  THAT

!!!!!  You win a prize!  THAT'S the best answer yet!

A new posting was made on

A new posting was made on Lifehacker - Most Popular Photography Tips, Tricks, and Hacks of 2013, on Dec 5.

Lightzone was mentioned.


Another Lifehacker Post

You might see a new uptick of members today (me included).  Lifehacker listed LightZone in their "Most Popular Windows Downloads and Posts of 2013" post last night.


Yes, I am seeing it right now

Yes, I am seeing it right now, and thanks for the heads-up!

up tick

I saw your site mentioned on the Large Format Photography forum.

Influx of Members

I don't know what is causing the influx of new members but here is why I signup today and downloaded the application. I had some time off from work because of the holidays and I'm dedicating a lot of time to learn about photography. I was looking for a program that was equivalent to Lightroom and I came across the Lifehacker article talking about LightZone. I searched google for "best free replacement to Lightroom" and found the Lifehacker article among others suggesting LightZone. Maybe there are more interest now because people, during the holidays, have more time to dedicate to their hobbies and more and more people can afford DSLRs cameras which naturally makes people more interested in processing their photographs. BTW, I haven't really messed around too much with LightZone yet but I love what I see. Thank you for such a great application and making my hobby a little more affordable. :)

New Members

Probably your new members are Australian. "Choice Computer" (not unlike "Which" in the UK) have publshed a review of Image Editors of which LightZone is ranked No.1



New influx of members

An article has just appeared in Australias Choice Computer magazine rating your program as the best free pick for photo editing. I have not heard of your organisation before now, so many others may be like my self, if you are experiencing any improved influx from Australia. Awaiting approval to download, which I am really looking forward to.

Increase in new members

I am an Australian having read about Lightzone in the Australian Choice magazine where it was given the besy ranking of available image editors.


New Members

After reading of the new Adobe business model I googled Lightroom Equivalent. LightZone came up as the first alternative - followed by good reviews.





new members

I heard about from uglyhedgehog.com from a discussion thread about post processing software.

I ma new and found link on

I ma new and found link on the fujiXspot app on my iphone Hi everyone im rob 

Pacific Food Safety
articles on lightzone

article in "spiegel.de"  and the photo mag:  c't Digitale Fotografie 

Thank you.  Yes, we had been

Thank you.  Yes, we had been warned several days ago, but the bump happened in the last 24 hours.  Google Analytics showed a marked increase in German /German language traffic.

where you have been mentioned

I came across you from an article in the New Zealand Consumer magazine which had just run some tests on free image editing programs. As a life-long user of Irfanview and mainly a photoshop user, I was keen to try you out! I had been asked only an hour earlier by a friend for a recommendation, so I have recommended you would be worth a trial! Now to try it for myself.


This is the link: http://www.consumer.org.nz/products/Free-image-editors/LightZone/52242

Major Blunders
Reason for large increase in members

It wouldn't surprise me to learn that a major factor might be the dissapointment felt by many Lightroom users.  That is my reason anyway.  I'm tired of not being able to find a reason for the poor performance in that program.  Trying to get help is frustrating to say the least.  I've always been pushed to some user forum and never been able to reach a live person.  Never did find out why Lightroom couldn't read the files (images) I was attempting to import.  Another $150 down the tubes.

I got the info off the tv

I got the info off the tv program Matv from videotron quebec canada


new members

I recently installed Unbuntu 14.04 on a former XP box.  I was looking for a Linux version of Lightroom on Google. I found out about Lightzone,   and downloaded it.

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