V4.1 Beta 9 Now Available(Update May 23 2014)

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As some of you have already seen, our latest beta is now available for downloading.  Once again, thanks to our hero Masahiro.   Windows users please note: 32 bit version is not yet available due to a bug (Update: now fixed).

Here are the changes:

Bug Fixes

  • libLCTIFF.dll dependency error on 32-bit Windows
  • libtiff warning dialogues on Windows
  • Tiff save/export failure
  • Non-ASCII metadata characters corruption


  • Updated DCRaw to v9.21 (1.463)
  • Multithreaded Xtrans_interpolate in DCRaw with OpenMP (by @yama1968)
  • Added new Raw Tone Curves
    • Canon EOS 1200D / Rabel T5
    • FUJIFILM X-T1 (Updated)
    • Nikon Coolpix P340
    • Nikon D4S
    • Olympus E-M10
    • Sony DSLR-A500
  • Windows - Updated bundled JRE to 1.7.0_55

Enjoy!  As always, please post your test findings in the appropriate forums.  Thank you.


MAC OSX 10.9.3

Runs good. The save issue from beta 9 seems to be gone.

Thank you !-)


I've just uploaded the package for 32-bit Windows.



Thanks Masahiro for the Fuji XT1 improvements

Thanks Masahiro for the Fuji XT1 improvements

Is 05-20-2014 release Beta 9 appropriate for Mac?

I downloaded LightZone-4.1.0beta9.dmg and verified SHA1, but application file date is 04-29-2014. Perhaps I just missed the 4.1b9 Mac announcement. I only ask because I read about 4.1b8 Mac UnsupportedID tag and crash issues as recent as 05-10-2014, and didn't see anything about it in the changelog.

It's just because the clock

It's just because the clock on my OS X wasn't set right. Sorry to confuse you.

Okay, thanks for

Okay, thanks for clarification. I ran 4.1 Beta 9 on my iMac last night with OSX 10.9.3, and did not encounter any issues. It was by no means extensive testing, but it worked great for some routine adjustments. Thank you so much for continuing to support and improve this excellent software.

4.1 beta 9

runs perfectly now, thank you !-) 

4.1 Beta 9 - Issue with copy and paste of tool stack

I have an issue with copy and paste of tool stack with raw files. It looks like the RAW adjustment layer gets double stacked with odd results. :edit:

-- Tool stack was from old version (3.6.1) of LightZone. Discussion in MAC Beta Test Forum...



on XP 32, SP 3

on XP 32, SP 3

AMD Athlon, 2GB RAM runs perfectly.

Thank you.




To avoid cross poating

beta 9 on XP-SP3 is not working for me:


Additional Info: Intel i7-2640M 4GB RAM

missing MSVCR100.dll

Win 7 Pro SP1 64-bit, can not open program due to missing MSVCR100.dll eventhough the file is present in C:\Program\LightZone\jre\bin and C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and lots of other locations.


Then it says "Could not load JVM library"


Please advise how to get it to work.

Same Configuration, Same Problem.

I too, am curious about a fix. Apologies for a "Me Too" Comment, Just confirming the Issue.

your Lightzone will not open barred by mac apps as unlisted de

<p>As I have an old 2011 LightZone (Unopenable from the above subject &nbsp; What can be done to gt yourr app opened ...William</p>

alex muilwijk

trying it out

4.1.7 or 4.1.9?

Going to the download block and using the links, which take me to https://spideroak.com/browse/share/ktgw0316/lightzone/LightZone-windows/.

Files there say 4.1.7 for me, not 4.1.9. Please advise.

Thanks in advance,


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