Update, May 1: V4.1 Beta 8 now available for everyone.

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Masahiro has done it again!  As some of you already know, our new Beta 8 is available for Windows and Mac.  Update:  Now it is available for Linux, too.  Complete Changelog is here.  Included in Beta 8 is the following:

Bug Fixes

  • Wrong cropping on some portrait raw photos
  • Duplicated 'RAW Adjustment' tools issue
  • Wrong icon for 'RAW Adjustments V2' and 'Black & White'
  • Metadata info won't update when opening a file via other apps or via 'recent files' menu


  • Multithreaded DCRaw with OpenMP (merged from dcraw_indi.c in UFRaw)
  • Supported new platforms
    • FreeBSD: build and install (port files)
    • OpenIndiana: build (ant)
    • Arch Linux: package (PKGBUILD on OBS)
  • Added new Raw Tone Curves
    • FUJIFILM X20
    • Panasonic DMC-GF6
    • Pentax 645D
    • Pentax K100D Super
    • Sony DSLR-A290
    • Sony DSLR-A580
    • Sony NEX-3
    • Sony NEX-5
    • SAMSUNG NX1000
    • SAMSUNG NX20
    • SAMSUNG NX200
    • SAMSUNG NX300
  • Link to prebuild static libs instead of building libjpeg, libtiff and zlib by ourselves
NIce work!! enjoying it...

NIce work!! enjoying it...

Not working

V  4.10 b8

Mac OSX 10.6.8

Fails at startup

This dialog pops up, To Quote:

"Unexpected failure
Error starting Java virtual machine."

I reduced Java security, not much else to do. fails immediately after clicking on icon to start app.

Never had this problem with 4.0

Never seen this on any other app.

Thank you

Now 4.0 gets the same Java error

I tried to go back to use 4.0 and now it is dead.

Same error as the beta 8 now.

Will try restart, delete prefs, the usual.

still dead in the water

I have restarted the mac, removed light craft prefs files from user / library / preferences.

4.0 and 4.1 b8, both do not start up, but the dialog box pops up and my only option given is to quit, which it does.

I observed no new preference files were created to replace the old ones. 

No new preference files were created the first time by the Beta 8 either,


Console messages from that time period after launch of beta 8 are:

 5/4/14 1:25:48 AM com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[172] ([0x0-0xe56e56].com.lightcrafts.LightZone[84030]) Exited with exit code: 1

5/4/14 1:25:55 AM com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[172] ([0x0-0xe5ae5a].com.lightcrafts.LightZone[84134]) Exited with exit code: 1
5/4/14 1:26:41 AM com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[172] ([0x0-0xe5be5b].com.lightcrafts.LightZone[84147]) Exited with exit code: 1
5/4/14 1:27:35 AM ACDSee 2[84316] Could not connect the action findDuplicates: to target of class Application
5/4/14 1:31:44 AM com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[172] ([0x0-0xe66e66].com.lightcrafts.LightZone[84763]) Exited with exit code: 1
5/4/14 1:31:51 AM Safari[84781] *** __NSAutoreleaseNoPool(): Object 0x10972c620 of class NSCFDictionary autoreleased with no pool in place - just leaking
5/4/14 1:32:01 AM Safari[84781] CFPropertyListCreateFromXMLData(): Old-style plist parser: missing semicolon in dictionary.
5/4/14 1:32:01 AM Safari[84781] CFPropertyListCreateFromXMLData(): Old-style plist parser: missing semicolon in dictionary.
5/4/14 1:32:01 AM Safari[84781] CFPropertyListCreateFromXMLData(): Old-style plist parser: missing semicolon in dictionary.
5/4/14 1:32:36 AM com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[172] ([0x0-0xe69e69].com.lightcrafts.LightZone[84804]) Exited with exit code: 1

End of log message.

This is a message I found in the Lightzone Log:

"CPU = i386
This is Mac OS X 10.6.8
Error occurred during initialization of VM
Could not reserve enough space for object heap"

End of log message.

There was not a date or time assigned to this message in the log and it was the only mesage in the log.

I have 8 Gb of Ram so memory should not be an issue.


Mac OS X 10.9.2  

Mac OS X 10.9.2  

After editing I get "unsupported tagID" message, and next a dialog to save with a different name. No matter what name I provide it gives me the "unsupported tagID" dialog again, the process goes ad infinitum.

I can leave the editor only after undoing all the changes.

Back to beta7.

Works on Windows

As Mac Os is a Linux derivate, maybe you are facing up to the same sort of Java issue as that I discovered on Ubuntu: I had the latest JRE installed, but a former one was still selected as default.

I installed it on my Windows 7 PC without checking the improvements. Everything worked at once. I shall try on Linux now.

When I read this announcement I discovered in this thread that my own BTN Fujifilm X20 profile was to be deleted, as I suppose it overrided the built-in one.

Seems the new denoising settings are gone? (two sliders instead of four in the previous version).

The improvement I wish more now is the integration of Lensfun.

I have now posted this in the Mac beta forum

I have now posted this in the Mac beta forum where it belongs.

Sorry about that.

I am a newbie to posting the beta reports, but not in the use of the software.

Never had anything to report till now. Been using it since the beginning.

Same endless loop here...

"unsupported tag ID" failure on OpenSuSE 13.1.  The update to beta-8 came about during a normal cycle of suse updates, in which approximately 14 items were updated...including Lightzone.  So I can not yet say if this is a java or LZ issue.  There are two repos on Suse build-server of LZ-b8, and I have tried both builds, with the same exact endless cycle when saving edited Fuji X-E1 raw files.

To further confuse the issue, I then did a new install of one of the suse repos in another SuSE(13.1) laptop...and it runs perfectly.   A forced re-install on this unit did not cure the problem...but, again, I am suspicious that one of the other updates may have triggered the problem.



Message: unsupported tagID

two messages:


Could not initialize class




(the program works on german)

Konnte nicht als

/user/xxxxxx/Desktop/LZExport3204559280102462020.tmp gespeichert werden

unsupported tagID


So back to the beta7, that works

(on Mac OS X 10.9..2/Java 7 - update 55)

Oscar Pax
unsupported tagID

Same problem here... Ubuntu 14.04 

same endless loop UPDATE to file save failure

still little time to hunt the problem, but I just discovered it seems to only be if I set prefs to save as tiff.  I recovered the original install simply by changing to the "save jpg" option in preferences, , and crashed the other laptop by choosing to save as tiff.  Also, if I try 'FILE--convert' to save an edited image as tiff, it displays the conversion progress bar as usual, but the file is not saved back to the hard drive (at least I have not found it yet).

The LZ_b7 release handled tiff as expected, but b8 will not.  I get the same problem from both repositories on SuSe-Build, so I suspect there is a problem either with SuSe or the source files, and not that two builders made the same error.

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