Translations Have Begun

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I am happy to report that we have begun translation projects for LightZone. This is starting with the program itself through the Dev Team thanks to Andreas Rother of Belgium, but will eventually extend to a separate Help Files PDF, one day leading to the first LZ manual since V1.6. As I understand it now, we have begun this process in Japanese and German for the program (and possibly Italian?). Our old LZ friend Peter Wolbink of the Netherlands Is nominally the overseer for the PDF conversion process, which is complete or nearly so, and coordinator of the translations headed that way. Andreas has started a Google Group for the translations :!forum/lightzone-l10n Please request membership at that link and Peter or Andreas or I will get you in.

Dev Team member and Linux master Masahiro has done the Japanese translation for the program, and Andreas is coordinating the German version. I know we have had some other volunteers for Hungarian, Polish and Italian (which may have begun before we got the open source permission from Fabio). I encourage anyone who has these skills and willingness to jump into this project, which is at least partly automated (building vocabularies, I think). You do not need coding skills for this project, and "many hands make light work", so please jump in. Part of my dream for this project, which I hope all of you will share with me, is that we are truly and thoroughly as international as our membership in every way we can be. Sadly, this may not be possible for the website itself, but one never knows....