Public release very soon!

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Our beta testers have begun a second round of beta testing with a new distribution for Windows. We think this means that we are very close to a public release of the Windows version. So far no significant bugs have been found---extremely good news. As soon as we can we will also begin the Linux beta testing on Ubuntu and OpenSUSE. We have one issue that is being checked this week, and once we have that nailed down we'll start that beta testing. Exciting times for us!

Offering to contribute to Linux beta...

I'm a new member -- just joined today!

I am currently using Fedora 18 (x86_64) with Gnome Shell, and if there's a need, I'd be happy to help beta test in that environment.

I currently run Lightroom 4 in a Windows 7 virtual machine, but in the past have used Lightroom 3 in Wine, and before that AfterShot Pro (which was terribly disappointing) and its predecessor Bibble 5 (which was great with my Pentax K20D, but terrible on my K-5).

Back when LightCrafts was a going concern, I tried LightZone 3.? but ultimately settled on Bibble. And before that, I did most of my raw conversion using dcraw and imagemagick in a bash script that automatically performed ISO-dependent noise reduction.

I shoot with a Pentax K-5 and a K-01.

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