Pentax K-5 Raw Camera Profile

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LightZombie member AdrianP has provided a Raw Tone Curve for the Pentax K-5. Adrian writes,

I think it probably pulls the highlights up (way) too far but it makes quite a pleasing image of, for example, the studio shot at DPreview and a couple of test shots. See what you think.

You can download the K-5 Raw Tone Curve from here.

Thanks for the donation, Adrian.

Bulent Celasun
A bit more help please!

It is great to see The Zombie alive :)
Could you please tell me how can I incorporate the specified code into my LZ (running under virtual WinXP)?


There have been a lot of questions about how to use these files, so I've now created instruction pages for how to download files and update your LightZone installation. You'll find them on the top of the left column. Or for Windows, click here.

Bulent Celasun
Thanks :)

Simply great service.
Thank you all for the efforts you spend...
UPDATE : I have now updated both the dcraw.exe file and the profile for my (hitherto unsupported) Pentax K5 camera, following your directions. Works like charm :))
I am grateful!

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