October 20: Once Again We're Being Flooded With New Registrations

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We've gotten about 1,000 registration requests in 6 hours, from 1200-1700 UTC.  We really appreciate the attention, but all of you new people are hurting yourselves---our system can't cope with such a rush, even after the changes we made last Wednesday.  LightZone is a free software now, so there's no big rush to beat a "deal" before we start charging.   I know many of you are not getting your automatic emails, but so many people are trying to sign up simultaneously it breaks our system. Read more...

If you have not gotten your email, do contact me---I'll get to you as quickly as I can. But please be patient!  Also, please remember that even after you log back in, we still have to approve you---and that may be a few hours.  There's mostly only me doing approvals, with Doug in support, but we have lives to live, too.   It's a volunteer organization.  So please don't post messages asking if you're approved or wondering why you don't see the downloads for at least 8 hours.  Also, some of you are not seeing the download box because you are having browser issues: please clear your cache/history/cookies.  Most people's problems have to do with this.   For those of you whose IP/ISP are blocked, again send us a message, we'll get to you as quickly as we can.  Finally---THANK YOU ALL! We love having you here with us at The LightZone Project.

Lifehacker Feature

You are being featured on Lifehacker - they just reposted the link again into their Facebook feed.  http://lifehacker.com/lightzone-is-a-free-awesome-photo-editor-and-alter...

Lifehacker feature

I saw the link on Lifehacker also and that may be why you had a sudden influx of new registrations.




lifehacker features of it have been all over my facebook newsfeed & tumblr dashboard the last few days.

Sorry to hear your servers are being overloaded.

DPReview have found you too!
Thank you

Thank you for making this software free and open-source. I'm excited to be a part of this community and to try out your software.

I understand that the software is free but I would like to donate money in the future if I use the program on a regular basis. I strongly feel that free software and free software support should be rewarded with monitary gifts.

Again, thank you for everything you do. :)



Many Thanks

I also received the information via a Facebook post. My local camera club shared the information but we weren't aware of any timelines/concerns. I was granted access to the download very quickly after registering.  Many thanks for providing this free program, and I look forward to exploring its features.

4 days later.....

I know you don;t wanted to be bothered by indivuals but I've done everything as per instructioins and still nothing. I for sure entered my email address right bewcause I used it to change my password and gain login access (posible security issue). ANyhow I have not received any download iinstructions despite registering 4 days ago. Hope this just means you are a huge success.


Keith, you've been approved.

Keith, you've been approved.  The fact that your forum post displayed is proof of that----they don't publish unless the poster is fully approved.  You will not be "receiving" any download instructions.  If you don't see the links in the 3rd box down on the left, then the problem is at your end:  you need to clear your browser history/cache/cookies..  If that doesn't work then try another browser.  This has been the solution for more than 100 people who have had this problem.  Let me know if you are still having problems after trying this solution.  Use the contact tab on the menu bar.

4.1 beta

I would like to test 4.1 on windows 7 64bit
Thank you

Testing ability to post

This post is a test to see if I am approved.  I registered and logged in on October 24, so I'm hoping to be able to download Lightzone soon.  I have tried clearing my cache as well as logging in with other broswers.  Download links are still not available.  -Ben

Update - Download links are visible. Thanks!

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