News for May 15, 2013

Posting rules: It shouldn't need saying, but... play nice. Please keep your discussions civil. You can disagree, just don't be disagreeable. And, of course, all of the usual stuff like no spamming. Tex adds: I'll be rigorously enforcing this as we go along. We're probably going to be a small community in a little lifeboat, so we can't have members at each others' throats. This is for the sake of the project as a whole. So when you post, pretend you're speaking in person with your very wealthy auntie who has always treated you wonderfully and currently lists you prominently in her will. I won't be tossing anyone out of the forums because we are all in this together (except spammers: immediate membership cancelation), but I'll delete suspect posts right away.

Those of you who have been following the Linux Beta Test know that the testers have found a thing or two for repairs, and that several of those problems have already been fixed---great work from them, especially Masahiro and Andreas! The Dev Team continues to work on a couple of others. Pavel Benak who is now our de facto lead developer will be away for a few days this week and so will I. Please bear with us until the end of this week, especially new registrants awaiting full approval. I will get to you only twice a day for the next 2 days. Also, we have decided to release the Alpha versions in Linux and Windows as early as next week to membership, pending no new issues and the resolution of the remaining ones (which may affect Windows and Mac as well) but we will wait to send out the press releases for a little while and continue to operate "word of mouth" most likely until closer to the end of the month because of assorted internal issues with the website. We are a little concerned about too much enthusiasm for free software in the wake of Adobe's latest policy change and public statements. Finally, the Mac version is also being worked on for beta, and we may have a better progress report for that next week. Thank you for your patience, but it is about to pay off.

Cam Voelker
cheering near the finish line

I hope the Dev Teams can hear my virtual cheering as they near the finish line. Your hard work will be greatly appreciated! Go Go Go

I need a new password.

I never knew my one time temporary password, so I requested a new one. I received an e-mail telling me a request for a new password had been received and that I may sign into the link in the e-mail and request a password. That page wants me to put in my current password which I do NOT know. Help me, please.

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