News for June 3, 2013

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Some good news today, although not yet the release of the software we all want: Paul Lucas, another of LightZone's original developers, has joined the Dev Team. Welcome Paul! Also, we have a stable Mac build that works in 32 bit and 64 bit on a couple of Mac OS's. We believe it will be ready for beta testing very shortly. More....

The Dev Team continues to work on a small but important and "pretty tough" problem involving a change in image size (about one pixel) using "Convert Image". This problem may be a rounding error, but it is hard to find where the problem exists in the code. The problem was found during Linux testing, but we think the problem also occurs in Windows. The Dev Team continues to look for the solution, and this problem and a couple of others (now fixed) have delayed our release to you. We would prefer to release the software as bug free as possible! As soon as we have fixed this problem, or determined it can't be fixed now or within a reasonable time frame, we will release this to you our members in both Linux and Windows versions. With luck, that may be at the end of the week or beginning of next week. If we have to release with the bug, remember that it is hardly (if at all) noticeable in the image---it was only found by looking at the pixel count and seeing a discrepancy.

We have also decided that we will be releasing these Windows and Linux versions to the membership first without any "advertising" or press release. Such a release may be missing the most complete installation instructions possible, so use the site as a resource for assistance. We will delay the release to the general public until we are finished the Mac Beta Test, have full sets of installation instructions and can then send out one press release to cover all OS's, unless it appears that the Mac testing must be delayed for some reason---and we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Mac beta

In case you're looking for Mac beta testers, i'm willing to put in work for that. I'm running 64-bit systems mbp on 10.8.3 and mac pro also on 10.8.3.

If you've got everything covered, i'll await the release.

Just found out that LZ is now

Just found out that LZ is now open source. I was a previous paid up Mac user and would be interested in beta testing a mac version when it becomes available.

Running 10.8.3 on 13" macbook pro retina with multiple (non retina) external displays

I would like to test the Mac version.

MacBook Pro
OS X 10.8.3
Processor 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7

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