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Happy belated new year to all our membership and guests.  A special welcome to all our new Australian members who heard about us from Choice Magazine, I think (?).  I have been trying to find this mysterious article about us, but cannot find it after lots of searching.  I would appreciate it if someone could send me the actual link to the specific page.  We do have a little bit of news to share with you at this time, so please click the link below and read on....

I write this post as the Mid-Atlantic region begins to experience a modest snowstorm---not a "snowmageddon" but enough to send most people home from work today, including my wife and me.  I hope to get out shooting this evening with my new A7r and several tasty new (used) lenses: a Contax G 45 f2, a Contax G 90 f2, two lenses with excellent reputations for sharpness, and a Nikon 28 f2.8 AIS , one of the best 28's ever made (and still made! I love the 28mm focal length.) in terms of sharpness and lack of distortion.  Feel free to be envious.  But the news you actually may be interested in:

  • Membership now is approaching 35,000 members---we'll hit that number in 2 or three days.  That is a 100 fold increase from a year ago,  pretty amazing to us.  This growth will be very good for us this coming year as we look for more development support.
  • Apropos of the above,  I will soon begin discussions with a local academic institution that may be able to help with that support, both on the programming side and on the web development side.  And I hope to develop more connections from there.
  • We have very good news on the dcraw front, which was beginning to worry us a bit.  dcraw has updated to v9.2, with support for 50 new cameras.  This means we will be able to start raw profiling those models.
  • Masahiro I think has already updated the dcraw.c in the LZ github repo. (that does not yet mean new profiles, though...)
  • Doug Pardee, the original LightZone hero, now has a new full-time job, a big relief for him.  Unfortunately he has been crushed with work at his job.  But he has said that he will begin some new raw profiles "in his spare time" soon.

So, that is the report for now.  Hopefully soon we will finish the beta testing of v4.1 and I will have something to report about whether Lensfun lens corrections can be made to work with LZ.

dcraw 9.2 integration

Any idea when dcraw 9.2 will integrated into a new version of LZ?

I think Masahiro already has,

I think Masahiro already has, at least in one of the betas(?), but maybe in v4.0---it wasn't clear from the message I got.  Of course, it will be a while before we get new profiles done: dcraw 9.2 covers 50 new models!

But I will check on this.  I might have a stab at the A7/A7r profiles.



I've subscribed a while ago but started using LZ a few days ago. pretty good so far! when I have a couple of hours I will try to make a RAW tone curve profile for my fuji X-M1 because it seems there's no profile for this one.

said that, a big thanks for your nice work!

Choice Magazine

Hi Tex

Just joined Lightzone due to the Choice Magazine review and saw your comments.

For the review see

Choice Magazine reviews are only available by subscription so you won't be able to read the entire review, but individual reviews can be purchased.

Lightzone was chosen by Choice reviewers as the number 1 free image editor.

I normally use Gimp so will be interested to try out Lightzone.


Telecom Tim
Australian Choice Magazine Rates LightZone best

<p>Choice is a paid subscription, so you may not get to the page link provided here.</p>

Choice article

The article in question is posted by Choice in their free section, just click on the page numbers at the bottom of the pages to continue - it's not really well laid out. LZ gets top score, though, 77/100 on page 2.

Nice link. I can have choices

Nice link. I can have choices for my camera.

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