New Poll For All Users---Please Vote!

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Hello LightZone community.  We have a new poll for you in the right sidebar, so please vote.  I hope this will help us prioritize raw profiling when we can or must.  We will continue to try to provide new profiles for all new cameras as we are able to...(click below to read more)

The poll is for your go-to, principal camera system.  Unfortunately I can't structure the poll for those of us, like me, who are running different systems, so if you have to choose use your own best criteria to choose.  I'm not sure if the poll will allow you to vote twice---I'll be checking on that---but so far it looks like no.  I hope it's obvious that the order is alphabetical, so please don't be offended by Canon being at the top, or Sony at the bottom.

The old operating system poll has been retired---the results as of July 18 2015 were 56% Windows, and 22% each for Linux and Mac, with just over 24,000 votes, a very nice membership sampling.