More Raw support - a look ahead

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LightZone's Raw-file conversion facilities are heavily dependent upon the open-source dcraw program. In turn, dcraw is fairly dependent on Adobe's DNG converter, because by default the camera color profiles in dcraw are those provided by the DCP files in the DNG converter (although some dcraw profiles are custom).

Adobe's next DNG converter version will be 6.6. According to Adobe, this will add camera support for:

  • Canon PowerShot S100
  • Nikon 1, both J1 and V1
  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1
  • Samsung NX5

Adobe DNG converter 6.6 went into Release Candidate status on November 9. It seems to run around 4-6 weeks after that before the final release is made. Dave Coffin often incorporates the DNG changes and issues a new version of dcraw 10-14 days after that. None of these time frames are hard-and-fast; they're just to give you an idea of what to expect. It looks like we'll probably see an updated version of dcraw coming out around the beginning of the year.

Once I get notified that a new version of dcraw is out, I can create the source code for the LightZone variant in less than an hour, when I get the chance. The Windows build will probably be made available at the same time. Marcelo will need to make the Linux build. If by then we still don't have a Mac person to create the Mac build, we'll have to try to find someone to do that for us.

So far, none of the camera models slated for the Adobe DNG 6.6 has been reviewed by DPReview. That means that I don't have the standard "studio scene" Raw file that I utilize to build Raw Tone Curve templates from. The Samsung NX5 seems to use the same sensor as the NX10, so I could use the NX10 Raw file. DPReview believes that the GX1 uses the same sensor as the G3, so I could use the G3 Raw file. The S100 and Nikon 1, however, have all-new sensors in them. Those models should be high on DPReview's review priority list, so with luck we might have a review by the time that a Raw Tone Curve is needed.

next year may be a busy one

I have a feeling we'll be seeing a fair number of new models: Nikon D800, the almost released Sony NEX7 (supposedly the same sensor as the A77), 1-3 new Sony A models in FF, now a new rumor of a new 5D mkIII. We're going to really need that MAC person!

Adobe DNG Converter 6.6 is out, with even more cameras in it

Adobe DNG Converter 6.6 has now been officially released. In addition to the cameras mentioned in the posting, the following cameras are supported:

Fuji X10
Leica V-Lux 3
Ricoh GR Digital IV
Samsung NX-200
Sony NEX-7

Now we're waiting for Dave Coffin to get out the next version of dcraw.

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