March 31 2014 News

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Hello everyone.  I'm jumping the gun by a day but I didn't want to post on April 1, a day of trickery in some parts of the world.  So here are some news items for you, some half baked, read more...

We have done a website update and a "not-really-a-bug" bug fix---more of a rhetorical problem in the language of permissions---- to fix the problem of members not being able to post images in the forums.  This had become a bad problem as more members needed to post examples to illustrate questions.  Now there should be no problems---and if you are wondering still how to do it, just click on the little "mountain" icon in the top row of icons, 5 from the right hand end.  You will get the appropriate dialog boxes after the click.

I have finished all but the Sony raw tone curves, and after the 4th try and a communication with Doug I think I have at least a partial solution to the problem I was having with them.  Partial meaning that for everyday shooting you will not notice the color cast as much or at all, and with one click of the raw tool or white balance tool's eyedropper on a white area the image neutralizes for more color critical work.  We believe this to be a dcraw problem, but are not completely sure.  All the other profiles from all the other makes are pretty much neutral except one, and I may now know how to solve that one also.  I'll be uploading these to Masahiro early tomorrow.  There will be another announcement after he makes v4.1 beta 7 available for download with full details of the new raw tone curves and other beta 7 enhancements.

Finally, we have passed the 44,000 member mark.  At this rate we should be at 50,000 sometime in mid-May.

Nikon D7100 RAW profile

Hello TEX, thanks for the good news. I had a look on the RAW profiles list and did not find the D7100 in it. Is there an alternative (e.g. D7000)? Or the team is still working on it? Anyway I deeply thank all the team for the incredible gift of letting us use LZ4, even still without RAW profile.

Thanks Tex

I now notice the Update clickable link after clicking on the "Mountain" icon.  Nice web site enhancement!



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