March 2013 News---please read .

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We have several important bits of news for you here in the middle of March. The best news is that we are ready to beta test the Windows version of the newly compiled LightZone. This is the version that is the most complete, with only one glitch that I've been told "doesn't matter". SO.....all of you Windows people who are willing and able to do some beta testing, please step forward! Contact us through the site, commenting here, or via email now, please. I will set up a new forum topic for this as well where beta testing info can be shared. We will contact all volunteers with the necessary instructions. This should be ready by the end of the week.

Next, we are getting close to the same situation with our Linux build(s). We will let you know, shortly I hope, about that. There will be a separate forum topic for the Linux beta testing.

On the MAC front, we are still a bit behind, but perhaps a bit closer than before. We will keep you posted. All of our Dev work has been a little slow for several weeks, as life and work have intruded on our Dev Team volunteers, but I have heard from some this weekend.

We are starting to discuss how we will present the final download packages to the public. We had always wanted to present all O/S packages simultaneously, but it may be that we are forced to offer them piecemeal. At this point, then, it looks like the Windows version would be offered first, followed by the Linux version, with MAC last.

Finally, two other bits of good news. Anton Kast has reported that Paul Lucas, another of LightZone's developers, has agreed to join our team, so please join me in welcoming him. Also, membership continues to grow and we will cross the 400 member threshold within a day or two if not within hours(Edit: indeed, within hours...). Welcome to all our new members, and as we have stated previously, if you have any skills we could use, please let us know. These include Java skills, compiling and operating system (especially MAC!) skills, Drupal skills, web design and mastering, video and PDF skills, and translation skills. Please contact us.

Thanks, and have a good week!

Beta testing and translation

Hello tex,

I would like to participate in beta testing the Windows version and I can help in translating to German.



I would be interested in testing the beta. I went from Lightzone, to Aftershot Pro and now am pretty happy with Photo Ninja. Thanks.

beta testing

I'd like to participate in the beta testing of the windows version. Curious to see what it can do with X-Pro 1 raw files. Thanks.

LightZone / Digital Outback Photo

Has a representative of this site contacted the Digital Outback Photo site ( to let them know that the software is back from the dead. They seem to have been very happy with it in the past, and if I have understood correctly even had some role in its development - see the disclaimer on this page of their site (

Can't see that contacting them would do any harm, and might help to gain additional members.

Hopefully they might even have an interest is helping with its development again.


Hi folks,

congratulations on the progress. I would be very interested in testing the beta. Was very satisfied with the now gone good old Rawshooter, but newer cameras demands new possibilities. At the moment, as a Nikon user, I do use Nikons Capture NX, but it is slooow ... and, in an way, somewhat overkill an not to intuitive.

So I'm looking forward to the developments of the new LightZone.

Kind regards,


I'm very interested in testing the beta. I have a few cameras to work with; Olympus E PL-1 (orf), Sony A100 (and access to A200).. arw, Pentax K100D (pef), Pentax Q (dng); and can get my sister to send me some raws from her Nikon D3100. As well as blasting scanned tiff files from film.

Have access to Windows 7 64 bit, XP 32 bit, and as well Ubuntu 12.10 32 bit and my brother has Mac Snow Lion.

I've used the proprietary for all cameras, as well as darn near all free Windows and Linux (including the free version of Helicon which uses both dcraw and dng converters). In fiddling around with the trial version of LZ 3.9, I'm impressed with the ease of use. I need to figure out about NR on high ISO, but otherwise I feel comfortable with it.


Most definitely interested - I've been using the old LZ with the latest dcraw to process all my Fuji X-Pro1 raw files since at least early January now - although not perfect it does provide the best alternative for what has been a very troublesome raw format to process. Only Win7 64 here, though.


I would like to be involved in testing the beta for Windows. I could help in translating to German, too.

Hi, I would really enjoy

Hi, I would really enjoy testing the new version, I have a Sony A700 and a Minolta 7D and W8 64. I can help in translating to Hungarian if you think and I will have enough time.

i would like to join

i would like to join it
i can test it under different machines , with w8 w7 and xp

about contacting via email, may i know the email address ?


I would also like to try out the beta.

Beta testing

I'd like to participate in the beta testing. I have Windows 7&XP, and 3 cameras with RAW support. Also, I can translate to Hungarian.


Hello. Happy to test against Sony Nex, RX100, Samsung raws.


I can try a beta version on my office pc. nikon d800 and canon g15 and panny g3.

i appreciate the work u folks have done on this project!


Hi I am a newbie. I have a Nikon D7000 and Windows VIsta 32 bit quad core machine. I would like try the Beta.


I would like to test it, too. I have several PCs and cameras, and also some basic knowledge on programming.


After testing several programs now LZ is my preferred program for RAW processing (Nikon D7000). Want to take part for Beta. Can also support for translations into german.


After testing several programs now LZ is my preferred program for RAW processing (Nikon D7000). Want to take part for Beta. Can also support for translations into german.

Beta Testing

I'm willing to beta test!

Beta testing

I would be delighted to help test the Windows beta - 32bit Vista - if that doesn't rule me out!

Best wishes

Beta testing

I can try a beta version with Wine in Ubuntu 64bit.

You won't need wine

There is / will be a native Linux version

beta test

Hello folks,

I am happy that Lightzone will continue!
Since I am using Windows 7 as well as Linux (Debian 6) I would like to be a beta tester. I have some cameras producing rawfiles (Nikon D300, Nikon 1 V1 und Coolpix P7000, hopefully later on this year D600 or D7100).


beta test

Hi folks,

first off all, I'm very happy that Lightzone will be continued. I used lightzone 3.9 and liked it very much.
Three of my cameras prouce raw files (Nion D300, 1 V1 and P7000, hopefully D600 or D7100 later this year).

To become a beta tester wolud be a graet fun for me.

Best wishes


I also would like to test. Thanks

What's the status of the new version?

Hi Tex,

I got lost. Could you please tell us what is the status of the new version you are compiling? Is it the version LightCrafts started reprogramming two or three years ago but did never publish? Are there new resources?
Anyway, thanks for the huge effort made by the whole team to keep LZ alive.


Reto! Good to hear from you

What we are compiling now, and in the case of the Win version starting to beta test today (I started yesterday) is v3.9. No, it is not that new version, but we have that as well----but we have not looked at it hard. First things first is to get the current version out to the public without the licensing. The Dev team seems to be resting a little bit just at the moment---people got busy in their non-LZ lives. But we will be working on that once we get the 3 current OS versions published as Alphas.

2 other projects have started: Peter Wolbink has begun and nearly completed converting the Help files to editable PDF format, which is in advance of creating a proper manual and translating it into a bunch of languages.

The other project is translating the program itself, which has begun for several languages. Andreas has started a Google Group for that, which will feed into Peter's project. Andreas will head up the German part of the translation.

& of course there's the ongoing project of the website itself, which I'm in charge of fully now that Doug has rolled off for a while.

Stick with us, because things are about to get exciting, and there's loads of work for everyone!


I could translate LZ and its documentations to Hungarian (my mother's tongue).


Hello szgabor (and other interested)

the Google Group is called "lightzone-l10n"!forum/lightzone-l10n

This group covers not only the German translations but sharing knowledge about translation to any volunteers for a translation into any language.

Beta testing

I'd love to give this a go Win32/64 bit for DNG, PEF etc.
Lightzone stopped selling just as I was completing my 1 month trial!


Grateful to the Team for taking on this project. Lightzone is the BEST and I would be glad to join those who are beta testing.

happy to volunteer

Would be glad to be of help with the beta testing (Win 7 + Canon 5d, Nex c3, Fuji X10).

The v. 3.9 being tested now is not the version that can be downloaded from "instructions for downloading and updating / windows" in the right menu bar? How do I get it?

Beta testing


I could help with testing. I am new to lightzone (downloaded win version from this website and was imprest by the application and it's functions), previously used PS, GIMP, Sony Raw converter. I am running Win 7 with Sony A700.
I am software developer and also cold help with the EXIF developement, I have noticed you are looking for somebody. I do not have much experience with EXIF but could try to get up to speed with it.
I could also help with Polish translation.


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