Major Milestone: 50,000 Members, Plus 2 Important Problems (Update 14:50 UTC)

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We have crossed another major membership threshold, 50,000 members.  Again, numbers like this are just amazing to us.  This is about 50 times the number of members we had last year around this time, IIRC.  We actually crossed this threshold about 2 weeks ago on May 20, but I delayed the announcement for a couple of reasons.  One, I didn't want it to conflict with the beta 9 announcement. Click the link below to read more...

Two, and this gets to the problems bit,  I have been terribly busy for the last 6 weeks, and am even more so now.  My museum work has picked up, an odd time of year for it, but also a huge project I'm working on for the fall has multiple deadlines occurring right now, with a great deal of coordination and writing work needing to be done.  My wife is in the exact same boat, so our normal routine of one supporting the other has been seriously affected.  Add to that our oldest daughter's wedding coming up in just about 6 weeks, with her living a continent away so we have to not only pay but do the work as well(!), and our boat is loaded to the railings.

Therefore I have not been as able to work here at the project as I normally can.  Many thanks to some of our members, old and new, for picking up a lot of the slack in our forums.

Now add one more problem to the mix: yesterday our email account was suspended because it got hacked by some evil spammer. UPDATE 14:50 UTC: It doesn't look like it was our site here that got hacked, so you are safe. It looks like we will now have to change our email address, the one we have had for more than a decade, and therefore all our contacts will have to be informed somehow, and all our business accounts, insurance, banking, Amazon, Ebay, credit cards, the works.  I hope there is a very special place in hell for people who do these sorts of things.  If I ever meet one in person I'm sure I will be arrested for grievous assault with intent to maim or kill.

What this means for the project right now is that, until I can get this sorted, you will not be able to contact the project (me, since I am customer service/membership support)!  I hope to get this fixed by tonight (Google is horrible for support, btw...).  Please be patient.



We'll isn't always the way, good news accompanied by bad news.

Hopefully I speak for all of the (mostly) silent members when I say how thankful we are for the valuable time that you and the rest the team give to this project. My time is my most valuable commodity so I'm simply in awe thinking about your contributions.

Take care of your life events. Those take president. Come back and share wonderful stories about your daughters wedding and your museum events.

My condolences on the email issue. Good luck working through that. If there is any way that we can be of assistance, please don't hesitate to ask.




As another mostly quiet member, I echo Chris' comments. Family first and most of us photographers out here have (or had) day jobs that come next. We all appreciate the huge amount of work the whole crew has put into this - patience is easy. Sharing a story or two would be nice - it makes the people we all follow here more real.



thanks for heads-up

Thanks Tex for the heads-up!




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