Major Membership Milestone Reached

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Today we have reached the 45,000 member threshold.  To put this into perspective, two years ago today we had 167 members.  One year ago today we had 277.  We thank you all for coming and joining, and look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with you all. 

This sounds almost incredible

This sounds almost incredible for a newcomer like me.

But the site itself is neat and clear, the administrators are clever and educated.

My reasons for using LightZone among other FOSS:

- I do not like commercial software: I can afford it easily, but I'm never satisfied with it. They treat you as a kindergaten kid, they invade your computer with lots of bells and whistles, and want to hijack everything on your HD. This is not an ideological point of view, but a practical one. I have been using computers since the 80's.

- LZ is the only Windows/Linux FOSS able to use the most recent improvements of DCRaw, the only one that supports my Fuji X20. But I also use it with other raw files while it is open.

- LZ allows to select the blending mode (like DarkTable, which is very good, but will never support my little Fuji, and I was never able to understand the meaning of their tab icons!).

The support by a Raw

The support by a Raw developper on Linux depend closely to which distro you use.


LZ, if I understand, bring dcraw with it, so LZ update bring dcraw update.

Other Raw tools brings dcraw/libraw version depending of which version is avaible on distro where it was build.

On latest Ubuntu (Trusty), Digikam can't manage X-E2 RAF since LibRaw is only in 0.15.8 version, but if you use Opensuse and Tumbleweed repository, LibRaw is in 0.16 version (which support X-E2) and digikam will have no matter to Open X-E2 RAF (no matter doesn't means perfect demosaicing).

This apparts, LZ is really a great tool.

The only matter is with X-E2 RAF I get some color artifacts in detailed area and give some more noise than embed Jpeg (with NR set to 0) or Lightroom result (with default NR). 

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