MAC Beta Test Begins!

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We come to another important milestone today, at last we can begin the beta testing for MAC OS's. I have sent out an email this morning (10:30 UTC/GMT -05:00) to those who wished to attempt this testing. If I missed you or you wish to be added please drop me a line: It's a great day for us. Some of you who are long time LZ users may remember when LZ was an award winning program(MACWorld, MACUser) for MAC, and it has been frustrating for us that it has taken so long for us to get this ready for the MAC community. But here we finally are. Of course we hope that the program will run without problems right now, but we expect the beta testers will find some things. Hopefully they will not be big problems. I should probably say at this time, based on our recent experience, that those problems that are discovered may take more time to correct in MAC OS's than in Windows or Linux, so please bear with us. For those of you in the U.S., happy Independence Day, and enjoy this "present". Feel free to post some fireworks pix processed in your new version of LZ!


So far, so good. Have not encountered any issue yet.

Jim Kofron
Looking good for me too...

Hi Tex,

So far everything is working fine. My workflow is simplified by the lack of raw handling (I shoot Sigma/Foveon cameras), but everything seems to be good so far. Nice job team!


Menu bar bug

I thought I had posted this, but it seems to be gone, so I will try again.

I'm running 10.6.8 on a MacBookPro 4,1 (2008) with 6GB memory.

In 3.9.2, if I close the only window with the red button, the full set of menus on the menu bar is displayed, so I can click on File->new window for example.

With the beta, only the LightZone menu is displayed when the only window is dismissed. There is no way to bring up a new window for example. Also, after a few seconds, LightZone terminates by itself with no alert or dialog.

I prefer the behavior of 3.9.2, but if you are changing the behavior to terminate on dismissing the only window, then it should terminate the app immediately. Right now, it is doing neither.

Did you load the July 2 build

Did you load the July 2 build? If so, then this is a bug, not a change.

Beginning to use it

No problem insofar, but I wonder (maybe it's just an impression) that some of the tools are less "effective" than the last commercial version (relight, soft glow, dark scene, etc). But I have to do a real comparison to be sure

That's your imagination. We

That's your imagination. We've done nothing to weaken the program. In Linux it's stronger, and for most it's also faster.


Using 10.6.8, metadata entry is shaky, doesn't stick when entered in browser, appears in copyright if arrows pressed, then vanishes, same with entering in other fields.

After trying with the same RAW file a couple of times that side sometimes goes completely blank and No Data appears at top of column.

Selecting another file brings back the fields, but then the shaky entry begins again, enter info and it goes away.

If I start with Title, I can get it to stay, until I click on Location, then the entry for Caption disappears.

I went into prefs and put in info for Creator and Copyright.

This is my first time with LZ, I did read through the manual.


I am a Mac user and I also write software reviews for a worldwide photography journal (PSA Journal) and I would be interested as a beta test site.

Download location

sorry but on the home page it says the Beta download for Mac appears in the left sidebar ~ I couldn't see it - only Windows and Linux links ~ am I missing something?

???? No, the beta link is not

???? No, the beta link is not publicly published---only the Windows and Linux links. Where did you see this? I have been sending out the link to people via emails...

I've not come across any

I've not come across any issues so far, and have processed a few images all the way through from RAW file to printed output.

xocet---could you please try

xocet---could you please try a borderless (if you haven't already) and report also on your printer?

Mac beta test

Would love to test it out!

Mac testing

1.  The interface is relatively simple.  Very good features but hidden until needed.
2.  The program runs smoothly and with no problems on my Mac Pro 8 core processor box and also on my MiniMac.  I have yet to try it on my Macbook Air.   All running 10.8.4
3.  The conversion of files is good and seems to be relatively quick but I am using a very fast machine.   I haven't tried Batch conversions but I will do in future as I guess it is a multi-selection of images and Convert.  Please confirm that this is possible, else a Feature request.
4.  The Done icon in the editor makes the JPG (or TIFF) file.  Might be nice to offer an XMP option as well. Feature request.
5.  The clone and heal tool.  I don't understand the use logic but can see them in action.  Feature request. It might be useful to allow a user choice of tool area shape and size of spot to clone out (like in photoshop).  The ability to make free form areas is also good so please don't remove.
6.  The zoom tool works nicely.  I can see the 'hot' area in the small window but it might be nice to have scroll bars on the image or the ability to move image on the screen window using the pointer+Cmd key.  This is a very personal thing and I know scroll bars take up extra UI space.
7.   The edit palettes.  Reseting values means that you need to input zeros.  Feature request. Might be nice (like in other software) to allow the value to be reset by double click on the slider or the name of the slider.
8.   The Done button changes the file name.  :-(   My filename XP1-1-0046.RAF should have a name of XP1-1-0046.JPG when finished or using your naming convention XP1-1-0046_lzn-1.JPG Feature request. Please allow use of original filename with JPG extension and/or your filename convention.

9.    Is there an SDK? 
10.  Is there a way to have customisations for image finishing such as addition of text, mattes, frames can be added to the image and then printed as a single image ?
11.  I'd like to make Presets for myself.  How do I do this ?   I'm sure it is there but I am probably looking in the wrong place.
12.  Keep up the good work.   :-)


Mac Testing

No bugs so far.  Runs quick and is very intuitive with great results especially for BW.  Some things I feel would add to functionality are auto white balance, a 'quick and dirty' way of increasing saturation/contrast etc, (say a quick develop panel) for images that only need a tweak or two.  As it is doing simple edits takes a far longer time than in aperture or lightroom.  As a person with a visual impairment I would like a larger more readable font/interface or perhaps the ability to enlarge them my self.  Also the ability to save jpegs in one specific folder as I like to save my jpegs/tifs separate from my RAW files.

Still when I really want to massage an image and bring out its best I thnk that LZ is going to be my go to tool.  Thanks all for the great work.

So, a few things, arbutusq

So, a few things, arbutusq (you're not in Arbutus near Baltimore, are you?  Because I'm in Baltimore...)

1. There already is auto white balance in LZ, in the raw tool (eye dropper), or in the white balance tool (again, eyedropper)

2. the best quick and dirty way, in my not so humble and completely biased opinion (IMNSHACBO from now on...), is to do a little prep work once, and then use it again as a preset:  bring up an "average" image in the editor, apply several tools to it--not many, maybe just a relight and a hue-sat, maybe a light sharpen---adjust until you sense that that's a look you like as a starting point, rename those tools as you wish, then save as a custom style of your own.  This can then be applied to batches or individual images in the browser, or individual images in the editor.  This is a little work up front, but a big payoff in the end, and better---it's totally yours, the way you want it.  And of course you can make any sort of style template this way.  Just know that the more tools that are involved, the more processing time, especially in batching.

3. alternatively, you can look at and use any of the canned styles that already exist.  Note: to me, the best thing to do with the canned styles is to reverse engineer/modify them to suit your own purposes better.  Think of #2 above as a bespoke suit, and this latter option off the rack/tailored

4. For sheer speed of bulk changes, automation, & etc, Lightroom (and maybe Aperture), Capture one, DXO, & etc are going to be the way to go once you know how to use them.  Soup up your box, have loads of RAM, and crank those 1,000 shot events right out.  LZ can do this too, I've done it, but we'll need to do a bit of development before LZ can really take advantage of the kinds of RAM that used to be exotic, but is now pretty common, plus the best new graphics cards.  I've always maintained that for single image editing that doesn't require compositing, LZ is the way to go, however.  That's because the program seems to me more user friendly, so the "human time" is lessened.  I don't do a lot of batching for my own art photography, it's image by image.  For critical batch type work i do (fine art repro, for instance), I use Lightroom, especially for the color correction capabilities, which are easier and more precise now in that program (with Color Checker Passport, for instance,...).

5. We've had that request about the font adjustments, so that's officially on the wish list.

6. You can do this with LZ now.  Just make sure that you're in the "convert" routine.  That's what actually makes a separate, new, stand alone file, tiff or jpg.  I'm making some videos on this now, but for the time being remember that when you do a "simple" save, you are only saving the tool stack to a separate sidecar file---it's small---and if your original and this sidecar file get separated, then LZ won't be able to associate the two.  You wan to keep them together.  This is part of the essence of LZ's brand of totally non-destructive editing. The original file of any type is not touched.

Noobie - How do I download Mac Beta?

I'm a noobie to this sight. Want to download the Mac OS X beta but don't seem to find away to do it.


I have to send it to you, and

I have to send it to you, and i will....later.

Mac Beta

Hi Tex,

I like to be included for Beta testing, please send me a link to download the app.

Thank you,

Ron Lam.

mac beta

Please add me to the testers for the Mac Beta.  Any ETA on the final release?

No word on that ETA.  The

No word on that ETA.  The program is basically fine, just a couple of little things to do.  But our Dev team is "on holiday" of sorts, and we also wanted to release the next version, with all the current raw profiles and several little goodies, when we released the Mac alpha---but the holdup now is the Windows build, which has hit a snag.

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