Linux beta testing has begun! (plus Windows news)

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Today, May 5 (Cinco de Mayo!---have a Margarita!) 2013, we begin our Linux Beta Test. I have emailed all of you who responded below to the post "Call for Linux Beta Testers" from our Bluehost server. Please be sure to check the email you provided at registration for the link to the download packages. Please reply to the email so I know who got it. We are testing 32 and 64 bit versions for Ubuntu (which may also work on Debian), OpenSUSE, and Fedora. This will be an accelerated beta test, because <!--break-->we think most issues would already have been caught in the Windows tests. I will momentarily set up a new forum in the Developers Forums area for you to post your issues. Good luck and have fun! On the Windows front---we are technically ready for release, but we have decided to wait until the Linux testing is done because some issues may pop up there that also pertain to the windows release. Sorry about that, but please be patient just a bit longer.