LightZone v4.1 Beta 7 Now Available(Update April 9)

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Masahiro Kitagawa has done it again!  v4.1 beta 7 is now available for download for all members.  There's good stuff inside!  Click on the link below to read all about it...

Here is what you get (from the Github Change Log):

Bug Fixes

  • Wrong scale preview in Tools pane when zoom > 100% (#105)
  • Issues in Fuji S5 by removing secondary pixels merge
  • Ignore Exif:ColorSpace tag when ColorPerPixel != 3
  • Use icc filename instead when its name entry is empty
  • Wrong zone scale in DropperPreview (#110)


  • Added AdvancedNoiseReductionOperationV4
  • Updated DCRaw to v9.20 (1.461)
  • Added Info tab in Edit mode

Added new Raw Tone Curves (blame tex if these are bad!)

  • LEICA M9
  • NIKON 1 AW1
  • NIKON D3300
  • NIKON D5300
  • NIKON D610
  • PENTAX K-3
  • PENTAX K-50
  • PENTAX K-500
  • SONY DSC-RX100M2
  • SONY ILCE-3000
  • SONY SLT-A58

Special Note About Sony Raw Tone Curves:  Normally, when making raw tone curves, the Raw Tone Curve Zonemapper is set to "rgb".  This is true for all the above new raw profiles except the Sony ones.  For reasons unclear to us, when set to "rgb", the Sony Raw Tone Curve Zonemappers had easily detectable to pronounced color casts, usually pinkish but in one case blue.  These were in some instances difficult to correct with the Raw Tool's eyedropper.  They improved, but were still problematic.  Therefore the Sony Raw Tone Curve Zonemappers are all set to "luminosity".  They may still possess a color cast, but much improved from the "rgb" setting.  For non-color critical work users may not notice any problem at all.  We found also that switching to "luminosity" made the correction with the Raw Tool's eyedropper both much easier and gave a better result, in maybe half the cases a "practical neutral".  Typically this is a one click fix with the eyedropper tool.  Those doing color critical work (catalog/product photography, fine arts repro) should pay close attention to your initial correction---some of the Gretag Macbeth Classic color card monochrome squares will start more neutral than others.  Use the Sampler to see which one(s), and correct from that.  If we are able to, we will completely correct these Sony profiles in a future update, but we think this may be a dcraw issue.  Thank you for your forbearance.

UPDATE April 9: 

We have a couple of bugs identified already.  Those of you who need the beta 7 in order to have the new raw tone curve for your camera need to be aware----

  • Images in the browser in portrait orientation show cropped to square in the editor.  The 2 immediate work-arounds are either rotating to landscape orientation in the browser and then bringing the image into the editor that way, then rotating back in the editor; or, in the editor click on crop, then right click and "reset" or click on the reset button that appears in the menu bar at the top of the page (make sure that the aspect ratio constraints are unlocked).  I think I know where this problem came from and if I'm right this is my fault, something to do with how I did the raw tone curves.  Should be correctable pretty easily.  I'll discuss with Masahiro.  Sorry for the inconvenience!  This seems to be limited to the new raw profiles only.
  • When opening the .lzn sidecar of a previously edited image(pre beta 7) to do new edits, the new V2 Raw Adjustment Tool is placed over top of the existing one.  The effect is not good.  Worse, there is no way to remove either of the Raw Adjustment Tool-s.  The workaround here is to copy all your edits(but not the Raw Adjustment Tool-s or the Raw Tone Curve!) and save them as a style temporarily.  Then close out without saving, and then in the Browser click on the original image and open it into the Editor.  Once it is opened up, then apply the style you saved to it.  You may want to then delete that style if it was a one-off.  Also unfortunately, this bug affects the Lift Tools-Apply Tools routine in the Browser, again with tool stacks done prior to beta 7.  There is no duplication of anything you edit in beta 7, in either situation just mentioned.  Again, sorry for the inconvenience.
Thank You very much!

Thank You very much! Operation is 'smoother' compared to version 4.0.

As an Arch Linux user I had to fiddle about a little to get a valid installation package from the SuSE rpm-package, but it is worth the effort.

Best regards



Great! I try it as soon as it

Great! I try it as soon as it is installed.


The new denoising, with radius adjustments for luma and chroma is much easier to fine-tune.

The feature I'm most waiting for is now the lens distortin (using Lensfun), which is nearly indispensable with enthusiast compacts which often count on the software to correct distortions...


I'll give it a try immediately!

Check my update in the

Check my update in the announcement text above...

Thanks for the Workaround Tex

While the workaround does work, I'm assuming that a more permanent fix will happen down the road.  Would that fix be the next Beat or next full release?


I love the changes of the Info tab and noise reduction but was curious as to why the radius sliders (color and grain) only appear in the noise reduction tool but not in the Raw Adjustment V2 tool.  I'm assuming that there is a reason but can't figure out what that reason is. 





Yes, I think the fixes will

Yes, I think the fixes will be done relatively soon and applied directly to the beta.  I think Masahiro is as interested as everyone else---make that probably more interested--- to have a latest stable version out to the public.  He needs a rest!

As far as the the Raw Adjustment Tool (RAT from now on! I can't believe it's been all these years and i didn't see this acronym!)) is concerned---I was very surprised to see the new slider on it.  Also, it may be my imagination but it seems like the color noise slider is more powerful.

As to adding more stuff to it---I asked about a couple of tweaks that maybe Masahiro will look at in the future, but the general philosophy of LZ is to have a pretty "bald" raw conversion, w/o a lot of bells and whistles.  The things I discussed with Masahiro, and one thing he suggested, would only be done if there was real benefit.  The rest of what LZ does, its tools and selective editing capabilities, allow for pretty powerful image editing of raw images.  So in a way that's a compelling reason to keep the RAT simple.  What we are looking at now are possibilities to make the initial highlight recovery better (there's something from dcraw that we could add that would do that, Masahiro thinks), and maybe to give the RAT a little bit more selective capability in exposure adjustment.  But I think although we want to improve it, we also want to balance that with simplicity.

Great Read

I understand the desire to keep the RAT balanced with simplicity but the balance should also consider value at the same time as well as performance.

The last paragraph and the part about the highlight recovery is exciting!  As it is now, I'm never certain what highlights, if any, are blown out when using the current tools of histogram, zonemapper, and the sampler, at least it's not easy for me to tell.   


I agree that the new color noise slider does appear to be more powerful.



Raw Adj V2 'As Shot' not working

As Shot button in Raw Adjustment V2 does not reset  on my mac version. I have not checked/notice this on previous versions.

I am not sure if this is a known bug.


Working OK in Win 7.  Please

Working OK in Win 7.  Please also post this in the Mac beta testing forum.

Thanks you so much!

Thanks you so much for adding FUJIFILM X-T1 support, much, much appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Good work! Thanks a lot! I am

Good work! Thanks a lot! I am happy that lightzone keeps going. I am costumer of the first linux-version I purchased from lightcrafts long time ago. But it is hard to keep it running in the new linux-environment. Therefore I am especially happy that it is mentained and even open source! Now I can work with it at my opensuse-desktop and my OSX-MB Air. Cool! Thanks again. I appriciate your efforts!

Raw Tone Curve Nikon D5300 result in editing a dark green image

Dear developper team

First of all, I appologize for my poor englsh.

I installed 4.1 beta 7 in order to process my Nikon D5300 NEFs (raw images).

Unfortunatly, all NEFs are rendered dark green (somewhat like a negative film) when editing and, as a newbe in raw processing, I don't know if I made a mistake or if the Raw Tone Curve for that device is bad...

Would someone help me in refining diagnostic or in resolving this issue ?

Many thanks in advance for your tips.

Kind regards

This sounds wrong....we have

This sounds wrong....we have a new profile for this camera, and it is supported by dcraw in beta 7.  Please also post this in the appropriate beta testing forum for your operating system.


Bad D5300 profile: NEF Reccord set to 12bits on camera

Hello, Tex

Finaly i got the key. Nikon D5300's NEF(Raw) Reccord setting has to be switched to 14bits and everything works perfectly on Beta 7, Beta 8.  If set to 12bits, the resulting NEF shows as a dark green image and is almost useless.

BTW: installed lightzone 4.1 64bits b7, b8 on ubuntu 12.04 and 14.04 without problem. Works like a charm. Now is just a question to learn how to use it ;)

Many thanks to the team for this wonderfull works.

Kindest regards


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