January 10, 2016: LightZone v4.1.5 Now Available

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Masahiro Kitagawa has just published the new version v4.1.5 to the download nodes.  Read more by clicking the link below...

This version fixes some bugs and adds several improvements:

Bug Fixes

  • ConcurrentModificationException and ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on OpenJDK (#164)
  • Correct focal length metadata calculation for Pentax cameras
  • Added jar files to fix missing laf-widget issue on Ubuntu Linux



  • Updated Danish and Japanese translations
  • When a startup crash dialog appears, dispose splash window that can conceal the dialog
  • Recognize .iiq files from Phase One cameras as TIFF files
  • Add ebuild script for Gentoo Linux. Copy linux/lightzone-9999.ebuild under /usr/local/portage/media-gfx/lightzone/, then sudo ebuild lightzone-9999.ebuild manifest clean merge to download, build and install lightzone.
I successfully downloaded

Not sure why you are having a problem....


Hola , no encuentro el enlace de descarga , donde se supone que esta a mi no me sale , me pueden ayudar


Hola , no encuentro el enlace de descarga , donde se supone que esta a mi no me sale , me pueden ayudar

Link missing

Hi everyone!I've looked everywhere for the link but I can't find it !!!

It's in the bax on the left

It's in the bax on the left that says Downloads for LightZone

thanks but i can't find where

thanks but i can't find where to download the software

I can't find the link for the

I can't find the link for the download, can somebody help me?


it is on the lefthand side of the page

try clearing your browser....

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To the above commentors, have you registered and logged in? You can only see the links at the left column after signing in.

A big thank you for the team, I love lightzone and I've just installed the latest version on my new laptop =)

downloading link

I can not seem to find the link to download. I tried the "new version link" and pressed the read more. Looked a grey arfea on sid eof formum. Can not seem to download.

Bulent Celasun
I am on Linux(Mint, a Ubuntu

I am on Linux (Mint, a Ubuntu based distro).

I do not need the Download Link as the software manager (Synaptic), was aware of the new version. Adding Lightzone download site to the repository is a neat way for all to get the updates.

Many thanks to all contributors, by the way. 

second box from the bottom on the left

says: "Downloads For LightZone".  Underneath that header it says "Click here for Spideroak Links For Downloading and Updating (Wintel, Mac).

below that : "Click Here For Linux"


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