Immediate Call for Mac Beta Testers!

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Calling all Mac users! We are finally about ready to get a Mac Beta Test going, thanks to super efforts by members of our Dev Team. We can confirm that the Mac version of LZ will work on these versions of Snow Leopard (10.6.8) and Mountain Lion (10.8.3), both in 32 and 64 bits. Please respond to this posting with a message that you are interested in participating. Make sure that the email we have for you is one you will check. Once we have a list of people, i will email you with the link for the download.

Mac Beta Tester

Great work!
I am interested to test the Mac version.

Jim Kofron
I'll be happy to participate

Hi Tex,

Count me in.

wpuld like to participate

Hi Tex,

Count me in too.

Mac Beta Test

Mountain Lion 10.8.4 has just arrived and I have "upgraded" both machines to it. However, my Mac Pro still has 10.8.3 on a system backup disc which is bootable so I can install the Mac Beta on that for testing.

For information my Lightzone 3.9.2 works with 10.8.4, I used it briefly today.

I'd love to try LightZone and

I'd love to try LightZone and help you in this!

Beta testing for Mac

I have a Macbook pro 2007 vintage with Snow Leopard and am expecting delivery of MacBook with Mountain Lion. I'd love to participate in Beta testing, although inexperienced in Beta testing so far.


Beta testing for Mac

I have a Macbook pro 2007 vintage with Snow Leopard and am expecting delivery of MacBook with Mountain Lion. I'd love to participate in Beta testing, although inexperienced in Beta testing so far.


beta testing for Mac

I have a 2007 MacBook pro with Snow Leopard and am expecting the delivery of a MacBook with Mountain Lion soon. I'd love to participate in your Beta Testing.


Beta test

I'd be pleased to test on my Mac.

Mac beta test

I am very much willing to help out. I'm on 10.8.4 on both of my systems though.

Me too!

I already wrote a comment, but I don't see it posted.
I would be glad to test LightZone on Mac.

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I got OSX 10.8/10.7 installations, Aperture, and a test 10.9 (MB, MBP, Mac Mini). I'm using Pentax equipment. Please count me in. Thanks!

Volunteers for Beta Testing of LZ on Mac OS X

Hello "tex", I would love to be a beta tester for the Mac version of LightZone. My present computer setup is a MacBook Pro (2011), OS X 10.8.3 using the MBPro in "clamshell mode", my display is an Eizo ColorEdge CG241W . I'm a long time user of Lightroom, now at v5, and Photoshop CS6. I'm printing with an Epson Stylus Pro 3800 and scanning with an Epson Expression 1680 using LaserSoft Imaging's "Silverfast". I own a Nikon DSLR and Sony DSC RX100 and Sony NEX 7. I can also test in Windows 7 which I operate from the MacBook OS X > BootCamp.



Don't know if you're familiar

Don't know if you're familiar with LZ, but you are pretty set up already with software, unless you don't like using LR and CS6. LR is really an excellent program now. CS6 is like a battleship used for harbor patrol duty, but that's another story. One thing that would be helpful for you to do in the beta test would be to test the new LZ's performance as LR's designated external editor.

Mac Beta Test

I would be happy to help with the Mac beta test, but I'm running 10.7.5 on my Mac Mini which you don't mention in your "call" post. If my OS level is acceptable, count me in.

I am interested. Running 10

I am interested. Running 10.8.3 on a mid 2007 iMac with 4GB memory.

I have used LZ in the past on OpenSuSE.

Mac Beta Test

I'm running 10.6.8 on a 2008 MacBookPro and 2011 MacMini. I'm interested in trying it out.

Mac Beta Test

Would like to be involved. Using Mac 10.8.4.

I would like to test

I would like to test Lightzone on the Mac. I have a MacBook Pro running Mountain Lion and a Mini running Lion.

I would like to test as well

I have a Mac Pro (2008 vintage) with 12GB or RAM running the latest Mountain Lion (10.8.4)

And me to the list also, please

I have two Macs available for testing: a Mac Pro running Snow Leopard, and a MacBook Pro running Lion. I'm a semi pro photographer who is competent in Photoshop (Camera Raw), Lightroom and Aperture.

I am waiting for the go-ahead for the test now

A defect (bug we know about) was found involving fast-disappearing drop-down menus. As soon as that is fixed we will start the test.

What we'd like you to do especially is test LZ as the external editor in both LR and Aperture, noting any issues. Since this is a volunteer effort here at The Project, I'd like to ask you to consider writing an article for us (pending the results of the Beta testing) about your experiences using LZ as the external editor in these 2 programs---you'd have a unique perspective as most people don't have both of these programs (LR and Aperture).

We could then add another article about LZ as the external editor in other programs, like ASP, for instance.

I can help with that too. I

I can help with that too. I have access to LR5, Aperture, Capture One v7, After Shot Pro, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Excellent. I will note this.

Excellent. I will note this.

Mac Beta Test

Hi Tex!
I'm in the same camp Tex, have most of the others installed as well. I'd be happy to give the Mac beta a go. We've got several Mac's here around the studio. Would love to do an article as well.

Many thanks and have a GREAT day,
Chuck Jones

Beta test

Yes, I love to beta test Lightzone. I still use it as external editor with Lightroom.

Beta test

I'd be happy to test the MacOS beta

Interested in Mac Beta

I am interested in testing the Mac version for you.
Mac mini Intel OS 10.6.8 2Gb RAM
Mac mini Intel OS 10.7 2Gb RAM
IMac Intel OS 10.6.8 4Gb RAM
Currently using LR 3, Photoshop CS4
Thank you for the opportunity.

Mac beta test

LZ resurrection is great news. I'm interested into beta testing. Currently I have access to LR4, C1, Aperture, DXO and LZ4 ;). With LZ4, I get the pinkish look for my current camera, Sony NEX6. I will try to download a Sony raw profile if it's available for this camera.

Many thanks for your hard work !

mac beta

would love to help anyway I can....


Mac beta test

I'm interested in testing LZ, but I'm running 10.7.5. Is that going to be okay?

Mac Beta Testing

I'm a pro photographer, with multiply versions of lightroom and would like to help out with testing Lightzone with my existing workflow. I also have an eye-fi card to test, if lightzone supports it.

MAc Beta Testing

i'd be interested in testing it too.

Mac Beta testing

I would like to help out with testing Lightzone for Mac

Rich Smith
Mac beta tester

I am interested in beta testing the Mac version. I am running 10.8.4.

alex hurt

count me in please!

LZ Mac beta test

I would be interested in testing the LZ Mac beta when it becomes available.

Lz Beta

I can pitch in and help too.

Beta testing for Mac

Hi I would like to join the testing of the MAC version
I am running OSX10.8.4

LZ Mac

I am interested in testing, too.


I am very interested to continue my lightzone experience. Count me in!

Beta testing

If the list is still open, I would very much like to betatest the Mac version of Lightzone...

Joseph Bacanskas
I will beta test the Mac version


I am a licensed user of LZ on the mac and am glad it lives. I think it is the only photo manipulation tool that "thinks like a photographer" rather than a graphic designer. I am a user of the Zone System for over 30 years and the author of the iOS app, Zone System Companion.



Welcome aboard, Joseph. I'm

Welcome aboard, Joseph. I'm so glad you've joined us here. We have lots to talk about, off the forums. I am pretty swamped now, but I do want to discuss LZ with you in the coming month or so.

We still await the repair of a problem with the drop down menus for the MAC version of LZ. Unfortunately it was found at the very last minute before we were going to release the build for beta testing---hence the build-up of eager beta testers here. To you and all of them I repeat that we are as anxious to get this rolling as you are.

Now, about that app of yours---something else for us to discuss. I think we ought to have a link for it here once I get this site better arranged with a proper "friends" links section. And---when will it be available for Android? I could certainly use it on my new Galaxy S4, currently the best cell phone & small mobile computing device on the market... ;-}

Beta - yep.

Volunteer for beta. OSX 10.8.4 on Mac mini and MB Air.


I'd like to help for beta testing
OS 10.8.4 on MB Air Core2duo 2.13 Ghz


Je serais intéressé pour tester la version Beta
Merci d'avance


Merci de penser à moi pour beta tester la version mac de Lightzone

Je vous en prie. Aussi,

Je vous en prie. Aussi, regardez ici tandis que vous attendez l'essai beta pour commencer:


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