Happy Yule to All of Us

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What an incredible year it has been for all of us at The LightZone Project.  Doug joins me in saying that when we started this I barely dreamed---in Doug's case almost never imagined---where we would be today: 30,000 registrations, soon to be 31,000 by the New Year, over a fully functioning public release of LightZone. (click link below to read more...)

Last year I wrote that Santa was about to be good to us, this year I can say without a doubt he HAS been good to us: 

  • Not only were we able to successfully take LightZone open source, but we assembled an international Development Team to work on the project, notably among them Pavel Benak of Poland and Masahiro Kitagawa of Japan.  Before the new year I will put up a more complete list of project heroes.
  • Through their hard and selfless  we have been able to completely re-compile the program, get through 3 beta testing cycles for the different OS's, successfully release the software back to the public...
  • ....and begin another round of beta testing for our own new version of LightZone which soon will come to a close, followed by another release to the public. 
  • Along the way the Dev Team repaired old bugs from LightZone's commercial days and have now added several small refinements and additions. 
  • In addition we assembled another international team of translators who have been working and continue to work on language localization for the software and now translation of the Help Files, with other volunteers coming forward to do this as well for our videos.
  • Doug has continued all year to develop new raw profiles....
  • ....has produced a great public, DIY video showing how to create your own raw profiles---to my knowledge we are the only group to do this.
  • We have also produced our own internal series of video tutorials for the software, 3 hours worth so far, with more coming (soon I hope...)
  • We have crossed threshold after threshold of membership numbers, now to levels even I never conceived we would hit this year---by a factor of 3!
  • And among you new members we have struck gold, with many of you providing invaluable assistance on the forums, your own videos, and offers of volunteer help we haven't even been able to take advantage of yet---but we will starting in January
  • Plus all your good will flowing back to us in appreciation of the work done.

What an incredible year.  Thank you all so much!  It's hard to not get a little emotional after writing it all down, early morning here on December 25, 2013.  Now, off to fill some stockings!

From all of us to all of you:  Have the happiest of holidays if you are celebrating, and our wishes for the best new year of 2014.


Thank you for all your hard work. You are all invaluable. 

Thanks a lot to you all

Thank you, Tex and Doug and all the others working visibly and not so visibly to give us this wonderful piece of software. It's much appreciated. I'll make sure to contribute where I can, and I trust 2014 will  bring good things to this application and its users.

Thanks a lot to the whole

Thanks a lot to the whole team. Its good to see that a program like Lightzone is still alive and well, even better than before. Best wishes for 2014.

Thank you and the whole team

Thank you and the whole team to put out this excellent software.  I'm looking forward to all the future upgrades.

More thanks

Another voice of thanks here. You may not realise it, but you had more than you know to do with saving the Fuji X-Trans cameras from becoming just another jpeg-only amateur system. More and more it is being used by pros as LZ gave dcraw a friendly face and enabled raw files from this superb imaging sensor to be processed properly with LZ control by those not into guessing games with command lines. With the latest dcraw update  there is simply no better X-Trans processor available for the X-trans, and that includes the likes of Adobe Camera Raw, Apple Aperture & Capture One.

While there are other commercial programs using dcraw appearing now, LZ has guaranteed its place on my computers.

Thanks and happy New Year

I join everyone here to deeply thank you for this superb work done without any other purpose than giving fun to people. It's so rare nowadays, you show the way to a new global thinking, not for greed but for sharing. I wish to all the team a happy New Year, reaching the 100.000 members till next december. And please don't let Google to buy LZ  ;)

Best wishes!

Wishing the LZ team and the community members a happy and prosperous new year! May the abundance and good cheer continue throughout!!



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