Fuju X100, Panasonic GF2, and Sony A77 templates fixed; Sony A65 template added

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I made a boo-boo in the Raw Tone Curve templates for the Fuji X100, the Panasonic GF2, and the Sony A77: I forgot to put the ZoneMapper into RGB mode. Corrected versions are now available for download. If you prefer, you can just unlock the Raw Tone Curve, switch it to RGB mode, and use File>Save Style to store the corrected Raw Tone Curve.

If you've saved adjustments to any photos using those templates, you probably should re-open those photos, unlock the Raw Tone Curve, switch it to RGB mode, and re-save. The difference will *probably* be negligible, but there might be some (hopefully very small) color shifts.

I've also added a Raw Tone Curve template for the Sony SLT-A65 which is just a duplicate of the SLT-A77 template (corrected).