End (?) of Winter News: Cool Stuff

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Hello everyone.  I hope this news release finds everyone healthy and in good spirits.  We have a good bit of news to report, so please read on by clicking the link below. Important Update, March 4. Very good news!

Let me start with membership news:  we have passed 39,000 members and are well on the way to 40,000, which we should hit in several days.  Incredible to those of us who were here at the beginning.  Just as a reminder, only one year ago we had just over 300 members.  Also of note is that while the United States shows the most visits according to Google Analytics, followed by Germany, now there is a new #3:  Australia!  Thanks to complementary articles in both the online and print versions of Choice Magazine Australia, we have gotten lots of new visits from down under.  While not exactly a true count of membership, Google Analytics visits probably do give a fair idea of where our members are from.  So, welcome all you Antipodeans!  Good on ya, mates.  Here's a map for the rest of us.

I hope to make a couple of website changes in the next 48 hours or so.  Minor ones, but I think we will be able to manage more significant ones by May, which will completely change the site for the better---better looking, better functionality, easier access to content.

On the development front, some possibly very good news, good news, and then ---not bad news exactly, but not good news: 

  • Masahiro, now our lead developer, has informed me that it looks like we may be able to use LensFun as an add-on to give us lens corrections via JNI.  Many thanks to member Lars Henrik Ørn for bringing this to our attention.  This is NOT certain, but his initial impression is positive.
  • We have received a new offer of assistance from an experienced coder and new member, whose personal interest is in stacking.
  • Masahiro has begun a beta 7, which will include new raw profiles (more on that below) and bug fixes.
  • Unfortunately, both Masahiro and our new volunteer (I'm keeping his name private for the moment)  are terribly busy right now with their day jobs, and so it will be a little while before any of this new work(also see below) gets done.  Nevertheless, it may well be that we will see an LZ5.0 this year, if these major improvements get into the code.  We make no promises, but these are very hopeful signs.

He has also taken a look inside the "box of goodies" that we received from Fabio Riccardi that included everything that was under development by Lightcrafts before it went under.  Until now it was not clear what was in that box:  Anton Kast set it aside last year as the Dev Team worked to compile the code for what became our LZ 4.0.  Now we can report that it at least contains the following:

  • LibRaw, which completely replaces the DCRaw (!)
  • Advanced Noise Reduction "V4" UPDATE! Masahiro tells me this works fine and will be in v4.1 beta 7, which he is working on now. This is a legacy improvement from the last days of Lightcrafts that didn't get into a release until now.
  • JavaFX code for new gui
  • Some code written in Scala language

Next, dcraw 9.2 has been incorporated into v4.1 beta 6, and new raw profiles are being produced NOW.  We already have one from member Bob Shrader, aka OldRadioGuy, for the Olympus OM-D E-M1, and I have just done my first successful profile for the Sony A7R, and will be working on more today and tomorrow.  dcraw 9.2 contains new demosaicing for more than 50 camera models, here is the list.


Very encouraging news indeed!

Very encouraging news indeed! It maybe of interest for You, that in the German periodically "c't - Fotografie 02/2014" an article about LightZone has been published. So it should be no surprise to You, if another batch of new German members would join the next few weeks.




Excellent!  Thank you for

Excellent!  Thank you for letting us know.

Great News

Glad to hear all the great news and things to look forward to; especially excited to hear that Noise Reduction will be in the next beta release! This is FANTASTIC news!!



Great News- Cool Stuff

Great to see the world map.! Puts Australia and us "Aussies" right on top.

Beta 7

When will be beta 7 available? I am very interessted in seeing a differnce in noise reduction!

Best regards


Probably after we pump some

Probably after we pump some more raw profiles into it.  That process has just started.  Maybe in another week?

I have to say thanks for this

I have to say thanks for this cool tool, its really handy and intuitive, I like it. I will be back if new a update has been launched

Thank you for the good news!

Thank you for the good news!

Best regards


New Zealand

Consumer Magazine ( a sister publication of Choice) has just released a report on "free" image editors and LightZone comes out on top.

Guess you may see some extra Antipodean interest over the coming months - I have just downloaded and look forward to using LightZone.

Nikon D5300 RAW


Sorry If I've missed any update or news on the above - I cannot find anything - but am I yet able to process RAW files from my Nikon D5300? If so, how (as I currently get an unusable red picture in 14-bit and a green one in 12-bit)? If not, do you know when?

Thanks for the software!


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