DOWNLOAD LINKS: Update October 22, 2013

Posting rules: It shouldn't need saying, but... play nice. Please keep your discussions civil. You can disagree, just don't be disagreeable. And, of course, all of the usual stuff like no spamming. Tex adds: I'll be rigorously enforcing this as we go along. We're probably going to be a small community in a little lifeboat, so we can't have members at each others' throats. This is for the sake of the project as a whole. So when you post, pretend you're speaking in person with your very wealthy auntie who has always treated you wonderfully and currently lists you prominently in her will. I won't be tossing anyone out of the forums because we are all in this together (except spammers: immediate membership cancelation), but I'll delete suspect posts right away.

Those of you having problems with the download links:  if you have been approved---and we are doing that every 2 hours or so, sometimes more frequently, except during the sleep period of about 0400-1000 UTC----then you should see the download links in the 3rd box down on the left.  That box is only visible to approved members.  Most of you who are not seeing that need to clear your browser history/cache/cookies and re-try.  Read more....

This has been the solution for almost every single person who has had this problem.  Please try it.  Several people have also had success switching browsers.  If you continue to have problems then do please contact us.

For some of you who still have not received their automated email notification from last Tuesday and Wednesday, October 15 & 16, or from Sunday October 20 (these were the peak "rush" times, with thousands of people trying to register all at the same time...), we have the first part of your information and I will be attempting to contact all of you starting this weekend if the goddess Fortuna smiles upon us all.  I think there are about 1,500 of you we need to reach out to.  In the meantime, feel free to contact me if you are in those groups and are waiting for your email---it's not coming at this point.  I'll get you set up manually.  That said, if you do contact me please understand that there's only me doing this particular function, so I'll have to ask you for a little more patience.  Thanks for your understanding.

no download link

I am not getting the download link. I know you are very busy and I am in no rush. I thought to let you know anyway



waiting for a d/l link... thank you! John

As above

also waiting. But not in rush...:)


now happened, everything is OK! :)

No download link

I received the link you sent, but there was an error when I clicked on it.  I tried again later, and then it said it has already been used.  I can log in, but no download link, (and have tried from several computers).

I know you are super busy, so no rush, but just wanted to let you know.  

Thank you!!!



Can you log in?  Can you post to the forums? Can you see your post---and can you still see it when logged out?  If the answer is yes to these questions, then you are approved.  EDIT:  I have checked your account and you are indeed approved.

Therefore clear your browser---there's your problem. 

download link

thank you for your work ... nice ...



The download link is still not showing for me. This is a test to see if I need to clear the browser cache (again).


Thanks for your hard work on this project, it's much appreciated.  Download link working fine for me.

Esperando el Link

Estoy esperando el link a ver

You are approved---please

You are approved---please clear your browser!

Also waiting to see the download link...

I've cleared the cache and history, etc. and refreshed - but still no link...

You are approved.  I'm sorry

You are approved.  I'm sorry to say but the problem is at your end...

DL Link

Not getting it yet. Will try again Monday.

You are approved.  Try

You are approved.  Try clearing your browser...



No download link???

Well;  I'm waiting for the downlaod link..............


Waiting... :)

Me too

Let's be patient.  It'll happen, or it won't.  No biggie to give 'em a little time.

Download links

Hello, I don't intend to put any pressure. I'm a registered member, but ? don't know if I've been aproved... Concerning the links, I can not see them neither with firefox, nor with IE or Opera. Could you please let me know if it's just a matter of time or if I have to do anything else?

Thanks in advance.

All the best


You are and have been

You are and have been approved.  Try sending me your password and let me see if it works for me.

Got it :)

He Tex, thank you very much for your reply and help offer, but I just came back today and I saw that the download links were already working for me, and I've already got it.

Thanks once more.

All the best.



It has been two weeks now since I registered.  I can log in, but I can't see the download block on the left.  I have cleared my cache, cookies and history too.  Any suggestions?



You are and have been

You are and have been approved.  I checked your records.  We can try a password reset if you wish.  First---send me your password and let me try logging in.  Use the contact button on the menu bar to contact me.

testing commenting - can't see download links

i've tried in chrome and safari and in incognito mode - but it's only been just under 4 hours since i first logged in - do I just need to wait?


No need to wait---you were

No need to wait---you were approved and that shows in our records.  Problem is now at your end.  Clearing a browser can be more difficult than people think.  But there is little we can do at our end at this point.

I love the cat bus, however.  Totoro is the best!

I too have not been able to see the links

Total clear of the browser. Honest. No download link.

Test post and also, no links

I'm sure I have done the clearing that is required. And I also don't see any download link.

Have I been approve?

it is now about 8 hour since I register. I am not able to see download link.  Cleared Cache and use different browser but still no avail.

Have I been approve?

Ok. i have got it.

Ok. i have got it.

am i registered

just testing to see if my message comes up as i only just registered within the last couple of hours...

links please

It's bin a while, can smb help me with the links please?

got em, thanks :)


I can´t see the download links   :,(



edited: now yes

No down load link

No download link.

No download link

For me there is no download link 4.1

Download links

I was a user of Lightzone for some years on old macs.  But alas drifted away. Would love, now, some download links to see what everyone is chatting about.


Thanks for all of your efforts.

thanks for the open source

thanks for the open source software again !!!

download link

I cant see the dl link. I cleared the cache and tried switching browers to no avail. Please send. Thanks.

You are approved, and have

You are approved, and have been.  Problem is at your end.

Linux Download link

Thanks for approving my membership so fast. 

I can see the link to download, but when I tried to run the code at the Wiki page, it could not find the lightzone package to download it.  All of the other code ran without a hitch.

This morning, I can't navigate to the Wiki link, but that may be a firewall issue, as i I am on a different computer.

no download link

Hi, I can't find any downloadlinks on the left. I cleared my browser and re-tryed, still nothing. I can log in, but I'm not allowed to post anything in the forums.

At the time of your post I

At the time of your post I was asleep---so you were not yet approved!  You are now.  You guys are not reading our instructions very carefully....


Sorry, so I figured after doing the math... thanks!!!

Nice to get involved - gear was getting a little dusty

I just sorta stumbled by - from Dougs suggested help of image software over at  'Can any Android camera app do this' post.

I just aquired the new S4. It'll be nice to get back into serious image software again not used for a while. 

I'm on all Mac - from MacPro on down. Looking forward to it all.  

Amazing what is happening with flood of impatient members.  

Best Regards, Phil

Sorry. No links.

Tried 3 different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and cleared everything. Still no links. I'm on a Mac/Mavericks machine.



you did not read the instructions carefully.  We manually approve all members.  That process typically takes a couple of hours or so, more between 0300-1200 UTC---when I'm trying to be asleep.  Doug and I are approving members multiple times a day, each of us in our own time zone, separated by 3 hours.

In your case, you got approved in about 30 minutes----well ahead of schedule.  A little patience, please.  Any further problems are at your end---clearing your browser thoroughly.  If you continue to have problems, use the Contact Us menu bar function to send me an email, and please include your password.  i will run the test from my end.  But i will say now: i've done this dozens of times with people, and i have not once failed to log in and see the links right where they are supposed to be.

Download links

I am unable to find/see download links...please advise.

I;m still cant see the

I;m still cant see the download links :(

I'm very sorry, but the

I'm very sorry, but the problem truly is at your end.  Typically it's a browser problem.  Our records show you as approved, and probably you have been since you joined.  try a different computer or your phone, if it can get on the internet (not to download to your phone, just as a test).  You should see those links.

Forum Test

Just checking to see if post works.


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