Beta Testing Has Begun!

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Beta testing for the new public version of LZ has officially begun. The first 20 testers have been sent their links via their provided emails. The link to the program is not being made public yet and won't be for a couple of weeks at least while these tests take place. Note to all testers: I have sent you an email with the link for the program download via the email you provided. At least one of these has bounced back, so, that is something you'll have to fix in your profile! And, at this time please go ahead and post your comments about your found problems on the new Windows Beta Testing forum in the forums. If possible, after an issue look up the log file and copy it for the Dev Team to review.

Linux-Tester wanted?

Great to read that it's going forwards. If you need a linux tester, please contact me. I used LZ for quite a while since it was still free and bought a license later.


I'm also ready to test Linux version :)

Beta test

I'll be glad to act as as a tester for the Windows version. I used the original software, and quick liked some of the features.

Windows beta test

I'd be happy to test the Windows version.

same here

I'm also ready to beta test linux.

Frans Evenblij
Linux tester

Can I still register as a Linux beta tester? I'd love to help to get Lightzone developments back on its feet.

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