Alert: Broken Windows Build

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We are experiencing a temporary problem with our Windows build. It broke during an attempted update on July 8. We are working on that now. Those of you who downloaded before that have no worries, but those who did after that may have problems. If you have not yet downloaded for Windows please wait just a bit. The good news is that we are re-compiling with MinGW, a different compiler and one that may allow us to produce a 64-bit version for Windows. Stay tuned for update on a stable build.

Mark Lee Tog
WIndows Build (32 or 64bit)

ANy news on when this will be available ? Also, the current dropbox link is reporting a 509 error; too much traffic so it's been suspended ... I can't get a windows build at all yet :)

Oh my word, yes, we know. I

Oh my word, yes, we know. I don't have word on the repair, yet, but it is a new compile with a new compiler, and involves a pull request with our latest raw profiles. I'll have a comm out to the DEV Team shortly, but they are spread out worldwide over at least 6 time zones. And I've been swamped with new member signups (over 600 in 24 hours...)and email requests for the MAC beta link, couple of things that had to be done on the site this morning, answering people...whew!

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