Error reading the file... unknown maker notes header

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Bulent Celasun
Error reading the file... unknown maker notes header

I've installed the revised installation file of ver. 4.1.8.

It now works under Win7 64bit guest OS under Linux. (Earlier installation always crashed during opening).

I've updated the Linux version also.


Now I fail to edit my files which I could do without problem until to date BOTH under Linux (host, 64bit) and Windows 7 (guest, 64 bit).


The camera is Ricoh GXR, module A12. The files are DNG and (yes) jpg!


The error message is :

Error reading the file... unknown maker notes header

Nothing has changed on the camera side (firmware etc.).

This must have something to do with the 4.1.8.

Any help?


I'm afraid that nothing can be done

without a sample photo.

Bulent Celasun
Thanks Jakal,

Thanks Jakal,

In fact, any and all photos from the camera dating back to months/years ago have become unreachable for edit.

I cannot edit any DNG file. The jpegs or lzn files processed using those same DNG files are also unopenable.

The *.rw2 files (and their jpegs) from the same camera are OK.

My *.pef files (and their jpegs) are all OK.

I will try submitting one such file which opens normally by any other program.

Neither its original *.dng nor this particular *.jpg can be edited under Lightzone ver. 4.1.8.

(The passwd is 1234)


(I am not sure whether the file above is intact for examination as wordpress may be processing it further. If that is the case I can try uploading it somewhere else).

I can not get your files

(@Bulent Celasun)

from your link ("we can’t find what you’re looking for"), so could you upload them to Filebin, please? They will be there for a month, use "decent", but unimportant photos in all available raw formats, plus, perhaps, *_lzn.* files. I will only try to confirm the issue on Windows and Ubuntu, but then we can report a problem on GitHub.

I did not find any samples for your camera on or Imaging Resource, so they have to be available for the developers to check the problem.

Have a nice day!

- Mart

Bulent Celasun
A typical sample

A typical sample consisting of a *.dng and *_lzn.jpg is at the below address:

I would like to remind that earlier versions of Lightzone, which I have been using since the stone age (that is 2007), had no problem processing these. If Adobe had something impairing backwards compatibility of the *.dng files, that might also explain the problem. However, such a situation is expected to cause a much more widespread outcry from its users which does not seem to be the case. 

I would also like to repeat that Lightzone 4.1.8 seems to work properly with my *.pef files, their *_lzn outputs and unrelated *.jpg and *.tiff files.

Many thanks for your attention. 


but I am missing your dng file in your upload, I can only see a *.jpg and *_lzn.jpg there.

Bulent Celasun
Oh! Sorry.

Oh! Sorry.

Sloppy me!

Uploaded now.

I can confirm this,

on Linux and Windows. On Windows, I have also successfully opened the photo using version 4.1.7 (b44076e), so it looks to be a regression (if this is the right word).

ExifTool shows no metadata problems, I think.

darktable and RawTherapee have no problems with the photo (it is not a new camera anyway).

One of us should report the problem on GitHub. (You decide, who.)

It might take some time. On the other side, such bugs are usually easier to solve than the "Windows freeezes!!!" kind of problems.

(By the way, your photo makes me curious. It has some Mediterranean touches, perhaps, and some, that don't look completely familiar to me. Could you reveal the location, at least approximately? Thanks!)

Trying Different DNG Which is Working

from Ken Rockwell's site found HERE


I'm using LZ 4.1.8 and Ubuntu 16.04.  This DNG is from the LEICA's M9 camera.  Since LZ works with one and camera, is this issue camera determined or something else, such as how the DNG file was created?



I have randomly tried DNGs

from different cameras without a problem. Then I downloaded the three Ricoh samples from (camera models GR, GR DIGITAL 2 and GR II), and none can be opened in LZ 4.1.8.

LZ 4.1.7 can open two of them (for GR there is no raw tone curve, GR II has it), GR DIGITAL 2 gives the Unrecognized/Unsupported error. (This one seems to be a model from 2007).



Bulent Celasun
Apparently the error involves

Apparently the error involves only the processing of "some" DNG files produced by "some" Ricoh cameras. I hope it can be sorted out quickly by our friends.

By the way, I have created a Github entry about this problem as suggested.


Problem solved,

I have just built LightZone on Ubuntu Studio 17.10, this works fine now.

Thank you, Masahiro!


Bulent Celasun
Happy to hear that. Thank you

Happy to hear that. Thank you and to Masahiro.

Should I just wait and expect updating of the package?

Which Linux

distribution are you using? See the guide, it is quite easy to build the Linux version (even I can do it).

Updating packages for all the supported OSes is time consuming, even more for a single developer.

Have a nice day!

Bulent Celasun
I use Antergos,

an Arch based distro. 

My son helped me install from the source and now I can also confirm that the bug is gone!

It must be infrequent, if not rare, to experience such a fast response from the leading commercial software.

Many thanks again to all who are involved.