Happy Yule, 2017! New Version v4.1.8 Available December 25.

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The very best of holidays to all of you in our community!  We hope it's a good one.  Masahiro has prepared a gift for us, a new version 4.1.8.  The changelog is here.

There are bug fixes and several improvements. Thank you, Masahiro!  And he hints that there will be v4.2 betas coming in the new year sometime. So again, Happy Holidays!

New Linux PPA?

Thanks Tex and Masahiro!  Will there be a new PPA for Linux/Ubuntu 16.04?  I couldn't find anything when I clicked on the Linux download.



Ubuntu PPA

@Steve: I forgot to mention that Ubuntu users should install via PPA instead of the OBS repository. I've just uploaded the packages for Ubuntu to the official PPA:




Thanks Masahiro!

Works fine.  I do see the some of the changes such as the GPS (can't verify it works yet), plus I see an IPhone crop that appears to be added to the crop choices.


Thanks Again!



Thank You very much :)

At the moment there is one problem with the new version under Arch Linux:

Starting LightZone version 4.1.8 ... with options : openjdk version "1.8.0_144" OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_144-b01) OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.144-b01, mixed mode) This is LightZone 4.1.8 () Running Java version 1.8.0_144 (amd64) .


Opening /home/myname/Daten/Bilder/2015/2015_02/2015_02_01/IMGP0717.JPG EventThread blocked for 2,000 seconds EventThread blocked for 4,000 seconds EventThread blocked for 6,001 seconds

Then all further work is blocked. There is absolutely no need to hurry. I can wait if there is some correction to be made. If I can help in a way to get information together that comes in handy tell me what You need.

Best regards and merry Christmas!


P.S.: Installation of the jre9-packages didn't help with it. LZ 4.1.7 works as expected.

@Stephan Thank you for the

@Stephan Thank you for the report. I'll look into the EventThread problem in January... I think jre8 is better because LZ has not tested enough on jre9. 

Have a nice holiday and a happy new year!



To bad, still no Fuji X-T2

To bad, still no Fuji X-T2 RAW capabillity.

Happy Holiday season to the LZ team!!

Best wishes for the new year and may the good cheer continue in the days to come for the LZ team and its users!!

Thank you for the news regarding the LZ update Tex!

And thank you once again for the wonderful work Masahiro! Your contribution is very much appreciated!!



256hash.txt (mac)

Besides wishing a happy and peaceful new year to everybody  - I didn't really find the hash.txt file for the new version 4.1.8 but for the older version for  SnowLeopard.

And so there was no match.  Would it be possible to paste the hashes for both versions in the text file or maybe a second for ther newest version?

On the Windowa side it was just the hash of the newest one - well, there is just one version.

Never mind - many thanks to the LZ team for their great work.

With greetings from Berlin,




Milan Giurko
Download for mac

Good afternoon, I am totally new here...and totally lost! I hope you experienced guys can help answering 2 questions:

  1. What version of the program do I need to download to use it with macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 ?
  2. Where do I find the link to download the program

Thanks a lot


Download for Mac


Once you are logged into the Lightzone website, the link to download Lightzone is in the grey box on the left side of your screen.  The title is "Downloads for Lightzone."  If you are on a Mac, click the link that says "Click Here for Spideroak Links for Downloading and Updating (Windows, Mac)."  After you do that, on the next page, select "Lightzone - Mac."    At the present time, the file you want is named "Lightzone-4.1.8.dmg

This version should be fine on High Sierra.   (Note - it's possible that the Gatekeeper in High Sierra may disallow installation the first time.  (There is no longer any setting in System Preferences > Security & Privacy to allow software from unidentified developers.)  In my experience when you run the installer a second time a notice and a button will appear in System Preferences > Security & Privacy that you can click to allow the installation to proceed.

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