New Mac Download Packages Available, And Also Linux And Now Also Windows

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Masahiro has developed new Mac download packages that have fixed some problems users experienced.  Changelog is here . He has prepared Linux packages as well, but has had a little trouble with Windows this time.  Now Sorted!  Thanks also to Ron Goldthwaite for testing and finding some errors.  Nice to see you back, Ron!

Note for Ubuntu 16.04

I haven't update packages on LaunchPad PPA. Sorry about that, but please wait until this Friday. I'll post an anouncement here when I update the packages.



PPA packages are now
Limux Mint

Works great, however it needs libjpeg62:i386 in 64 bit.
I dont know if you can add an automatic dependency for the apt-get process

packages for ubuntu 17.10 (artful)?

Hey there, just wanted to ask, if/when there'll be packages for ubuntu 17.10 (artful) in the launchpad-ppa?

Thanks in advance and thanks for this great proect!

Mac OSX El Capitan (10.11.6)

Mac OSX El Capitan (10.11.6)

Installed from LightZone-4.1.7-Sierra.dmg. Running OK so far :-) Good work, boys and girls.


my mac doesnt let me install

my mac doesnt let me install it even going through system preferences

Thanks Masahiro ! Update in

Thanks Masahiro ! Update in progress.

download light zone



could you please indicate where we can download lightzone ?



Windows packages are now available. :)

Thank you!

Installing it right now for a quick test.

Be well!

Rob A
TZ100 support

Thanks for the update and adding support for the Panasonic TZ-100. Unfortunately, at least with my TZ-100, the raw tone curve is giving some posterization. I will try to find time to set a new 'camera default' RTC to see if I can get a better result.  

Great, great, great :-)

Great, great, great :-)

It starts with 10.6.8, it works so far with 10-6.8 and the preferences dialog seems to work again :-)

Thank You!!! :-)

4.1.7 Now also available for Windows

Tex could you add a post to make it clear that a Windows version of 4.1.7 is now also available - the websites main page still gives the impression that there are outstanding issues (you have to read the comments to see that the Windows version has in fact been released).

Yes, and thanks

for the reminder

Problem with dropdown menus in Snowleopard

While LZ 4.1.7 works really well on Snowleopard (10.6.5) I otherwise encountered a problem opening the dropdown menus i.e. "Blending Mode" in the Tool Stacks or the dropdown to choose aspect ratios for the Crop Tool. The dropdown menus won’t stay open – the menu is visible for a fraction of a second. Blending modes are still selectable via scroll-wheel, not so aspect ratios… this is reproducible in LZ 4.1.7 and 4.1.6.

The very title of this topic

now reflects the harsh, step by step, one OS after another, development of this version. Thanks to Masahiro, and also tex and also everybody else.


Rob A
Colour space and printer profiles

Hi. I'm using 4.1.7 on Sierra and noticed that the choice of colour space profile for saving is only srgb now. Also the soft proofing is not picking up any printer profiles. I checked with version 4.1.5 and it picks up all the profiles.


This might not be the best place

for your question (and I, by the way, can't reproduce the problem neither on Windows or Linux), make a new thread under "General discussion".

Rob A
OK I'll do that, thanks.

OK I'll do that, thanks.

JAVA 6 requirement

Hi, Does the new release still have a requirement on Java 6?   



JAVA 6 requirement

Hi, Does the new release still have a requirement on Java 6?   



Thank you!

A big thank you to the LightZone team! 

Really appreciate the effort and time put in developing/maintaining this amazing software!



Ernie Brinkmann
download link for version 4.1.7 for Windows 10

where do I find this link?

thanks, Ernie

It's on the left hand side of the page

"Click here....." under "DOWNLOADS FOR LIGHTZONE"



4.1.7 not launching

First of all, thank you so much for all the work you do to make this available to all of us!

It seems doing the Windows 10 Anniversary update broke my lightzone 4.1.7. I uninstalled and reinstalled on my Surface Pro 3 but it just refuses to launch.

Would appreciate any thoughts on what could be happening.

Thanks in advance!

LZ 4.1.7 on 10.6.8

Works nice and quickly, nice GUI,  but there´s a bug who doesn´t let me change the preferences in the boxes with a arrow.

It´s a pitty, so I can´t export my RAWs to TIFF.

Thanks to all for your work here!


Hi Sir you have a great software and I am glad I had the chance to experiment it. the only complaint is the your website is very dificult to read. too much on display. if I were you I would built more pages intead. For instance a single download page where people go just to download and a different coment page.





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