Happy Autumn LightZoners

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No news to report, but wanted to make sure everyone understands we are still active. (read more...)

I am on the road until after the 19th of October, when I finally will be home after many weeks on the west coast of the U.S. in Seattle and then Los Angeles.  I will be hoping to do some site maintenance and catch up at that time after settling back in and one quick trip to PhotoPlus in NYC.  One more weeklong trip in November, and then none until Jan. 2nd. 

Just what I needed

Hi There,

This "news" came just in time for me to check in.

I tried LightZone in my quest for a new image editor, and it has the right features for me, but I got into to many obsolete things. Just telling I am glad the project is still active. I still see potential in it, but I will write about it in a new thread.

See You soon.

Good to hear

I too just discovered Lightzone for Linux and am glad to hear that it work is still active on it. I have just begun to work with it and so far like it a lot. I have tried several RAW processors for Linux and while they work, I have not found one that I like. Most of them have a convoluted workflow, Keep up the good work and I just wanted to let you know that people are still out there using the software. 

Will it be 4.2 for Xmas?! :D

Will it be 4.2 for Xmas?! :D

I am dissapointed.

I am dissapointed.

I'm back on Windows and Lightroom again. Unfortunately still no X-T2 RAW capabillity in LightZone.

If you want the programme to grow you need to get in to action right now while Lightroom is abandoning the stand alone version.

Also create ICC capability so one can use the Color Checker Passport. Then people will also be willing toi pay for it. I would.

Lightroom and Windows have won the game for me at this time..



try RawTherapee, probably the best option for Fuji raw development.

I can't become friends with

I can't become friends with Raw Therapee.

I have been looking for a god alternative under GNU/Linux and can not even open my RAW files. As i wrote above i am depending on LR and Win now. I have no choice to get wat i want to create. I really like Light Zone as a RAW converter. I just can do anythin with it now.

Lightroom's open source alternative

Hi, primefoto! Do you know Darktable? I'm using LightZone alongside Gimp and Darktable. I'm not a professional, only an amateur photographer only an open source projects's fan, and this tools are amazing!

Last but not least, many thanks to LightZone community for your huge work!

Best regards!!!


...indeed. Good to know that You're alive and well ;) . 


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