LibRaw vs DCRAW lack of update

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LibRaw vs DCRAW lack of update



I know actually there's not much activity around Lightzone developpement for many reason, one is dev are humans and have the right do enjoy their life too ;), and one other is there's no update of DCraw and consequentely, no new camera supported by Lightzone.


One of my thought is some of other linux photo editor use now the more updated libraw library instead of DCraw, and I ask myself if this kind of change could be possible for Lightzone even I know there's not very much dev actually for Lightzone (and I'm very grateful for their work) .



LibRaw Consideration?



I did a quick forum search and did find an old/relevant thread, see -->


Apparently, after reading Tex's response back then (2014) it was being considered but concern for the disruptions of LZ were being considered.





Development is going on



There is actually happening a bit of development with LZ. Both with some filters (grainy), distortion correction and more information from metadata. Hopefully dcraw will be updated soon. Otherwise LibRaw is maybe a solution. It has the benfit of being "real" open source. But also there development looks a bit slow. So I think of it as a backup because it will probably require some work to replace dcraw.


Have a nice day

Thanks for these answers.

Thanks for these answers.


If LibRaw dev is a bit slow (but it appears to be regular), it's nothing compared to actual DCraw last version which was out in may 2016 (and prervious one in may 2015). Many new camera was released since, and some other RAW format (some specific compressed RAW for exemple) are still partially supported.  But if a new DCRaw will be released soon, it's a good news, same if there's some new dev on LZ.