Faint White Gridlines

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Faint White Gridlines

are appearing after I edit jpeg files in LZ 4.1.7 Linux.

They can be seen in the blue sky in both of these photographs, especially in the area near the moon in the second image.



The lines do not appear in the original jpegs or rafs, nor whilst editing.  They appear only after I return to browse mode and they are saved as _lzn.jpg. 

As a test, I removed all of the tools and styles used in processing, and the lines still appeared when I returned to browse mode.



Here is a link to one of the

Here is a link to one of the original jpegs SOOC.  It does not appear to have the gridlines.


I can confirm this,

I have had such a case in my collection for quite some time, I didn't report it, because it seemed rather exotic, happening only once to me, and nobody else. I will find my cr2 and lzn files, and post a link here, "soon".

Have a nice day!

Re: gridlines

Thanks, Jacal.  At least I am not alone in this. 

I edited the same jpeg in RawTherapee, and saved it as a .jpg, and there are no gridlines.  So clearly something is amiss with LZ.

This issue was already

This issue was already reported on github ( https://github.com/Aries85/LightZone/issues/162 ), but I haven't found the cause yet. :(

All I have found so far is that the lines appear only when "Fit within 2048 x 2048" was selected in Preferences > Save > "Resize To" and saved file format was JPEG or 16-bit TIFF.



Thanks for the information,

Thanks for the information, Masahiro -- much appreciated!  So for now I will change the "fit within" to "2560x2560" as I prefer larger than 1536 or 1024, and hopefully that will get rid of the gridlines.

Here are my samples,


lzn jpeg files saved as "jpeg, don't limit, 95% quality". The first lzn file, IMG_5861_lzn1.jpg, slightly cropped at the top, shows no grid.

On the second one, IMG_5861_lzn3c.jpg, cropped to a square, the grid is visible (easy to notice in the sky).

Removing the tool stack and setting raw adjustments to defaults, keeping the crop, does not remove the grid. Removing/resetting the crop does remove the grid in the saved lzn file.

Hard to reproduce, since there is no easy way to set exactly the same cropping.

Exporting/converting the compromised lzn file with the same settings gives a jpeg without the grid. It looks that this only affects the lzn files (containing editing data).

Having about a thousand lzn files, I have noticed this issue only with this photo.


Unlike you, Jacal, I am seeing the gridlines on far too many of my lzn files.  But following Masahiro's suggestion, setting "Fit within 2560 x2560" gets rid of them!  Now I can continue using LZ instead of needing to go to RawTherapee.

If this happens a lot,

the answer could be hidden in your camera's specifications. Especially if you could find, what triggers this, why some images are not affected.

Are your converted images without the grid? If so, another workaround could be setting the lzn options to the small 1024 px files and convert them to full sized/bigger images afterwards. (The small lzn files are not useful for pixel peeping, though. I'm using full-sized lzn files for such inspections. Zooming to 100% in LightZone can become rather slow, when multiple tools like local contrast and noise reduction are applied.)

Re: gridlines

The gridlines are most obvious against blue skies.  I do not know if they appear in other images, because the colors would obscure them.

I cannot find any camera settings that would cause this, and they do not exist in any originals, whether jpeg or raf.  Clearly the problem is with Edit/Preferences/Save/Fit within 2048, as changing it to 2560 does not show gridlines.

And editing in RawTherapee and/or GIMP is fine, no matter what the output size.

So the workaround is completely acceptable, for me.

Re: gridlines

The gridlines still exist at 2560x2560, they are just harder to see. Any fix for this issue yet?

I cannot see any gridlines,

I cannot see any gridlines, faint or otherwise, at 2560 longest side, even at 1:1 magnification.  And no one else has mentioned seeing them in my posted images at a variety of photographic forums.


I had never experienced this issue before but since a few days ago I do replicate it in every single picture. I keep using the same camera (Sony a7r) and I haven't modified any settings in LZ (not sure if the LZ update could be the cause) so it is kind of weird. The workaround changing the Edit/Preferences/Save/Fit to 2560 or 1024 doesn't work on my case. The only way I can get rid of this problem is by saving the images without size limit though my computer is desperately slow this way.


In case someone else is lately experiencing the issue. In my case, it was due to the update to 4.1.8. I have downgraded to 4.1.7 and I don't replicate the problem anymore.