Happy 5th Birthday To Us!

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This month 5 years ago Doug Pardee brought our website live, on November 17th, 2011, and after a few glitches we were running smoothly by the 20th with 50 members signed up.  As of today we now have over 125,000 members.  And once again, we are amazed.  I know of no other rescue project for orphaned software with a success like ours.  Congratulations to all of us.  I'm having a scotch right now!


Thanks for all the hard work!



Great stuff - thanks for all

Great stuff - thanks for all the hard work.


A GREAT Thank You!!!

For the hard work. It's always astonishing what can be done even with a relative small crew when you keep on ...

With deepest respect ...


Thanks to all that make this

Thanks to all that make this project possible!!

Thank you!!

Thank you to each and every one behind LZ!! 

Really appreciate the effort.



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