Tex Goes on the Road Again

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Beginning Friday, May 6, until about Saturday May 28, Tex will be on the road for a trip.  My wife and I are going out to Berkeley, California to see our brilliant daughters graduate from UC Berkeley, one with a Master's in Public Health, the other a Bachelor's degree in French and Art History.  We will drive from our home in Baltimore, on the east coast of the U.S., out and back, camping along the way, doing photography of course, seeing family, and one business stop for my wife.  Many adventures, but they will take us off the grid at times, so expect customer service outages.


On your daughter's success Tex. Hope you had a great trip!  We just got back, early this morning, from a somewhat similar trip, although we flew from Baltimore, landing ion Las Vegas.  Our photo op started with a week exploring the Utah "Mighty 5" National Parks. (Zion, Bryce< Capitol Reef, Arches, and Canyonlands).



Hi, Steve

Just got back ourselves, to Baltimore.  So, where are you around Baltimore?

We had a bit of a rough time---snowed on us several times, really cold temps up in Canada and in North Dakota, down to the 20's around Yosemite and over into Utah. I was mightily disappointed with Zion---the crowds!  OMG.  Ruined it AFAIC.  Bryce was lovely in the early morning, Capitol Reef a big positive surprise, as was RT. 12.  On the advice of the Park Service (!), did not even go to Arches.  Wish we had dropped into the Needles section of Canyonlands, but we pressed on to Mesa Verde, which was underwhelming to us.  We also had appointments in Santa Fe we had to make.  Love to catch up with you about this, drop me a line.


Taking your suggestion and sent you something off list.



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