January 10, 2016: LightZone v4.1.5 Now Available

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Masahiro Kitagawa has just published the new version v4.1.5 to the download nodes.  Read more by clicking the link below...

This version fixes some bugs and adds several improvements:

Bug Fixes

  • ConcurrentModificationException and ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on OpenJDK (#164)
  • Correct focal length metadata calculation for Pentax cameras
  • Added jar files to fix missing laf-widget issue on Ubuntu Linux



  • Updated Danish and Japanese translations
  • When a startup crash dialog appears, dispose splash window that can conceal the dialog
  • Recognize .iiq files from Phase One cameras as TIFF files
  • Add ebuild script for Gentoo Linux. Copy linux/lightzone-9999.ebuild under /usr/local/portage/media-gfx/lightzone/, then sudo ebuild lightzone-9999.ebuild manifest clean merge to download, build and install lightzone.
"link below".. where?

"link below".. where?

THank you

Sorry, but I can also not see

Sorry, but I can also not see the link. What's wrong?
Refreshed many times...


Link missing

I do not have that whole row of links in my page.  It's just not there.

"Read more" "1 comment" etc.

And it is working on Debian testing again


Thank you again to everyone contributing.


It runs on my windows box and my Debian Testing Workstation. On the latter much faster than I remenber it to be.


Have a nice day

Work fine in archlinux!!

Work fine in archlinux!!


I can not make an connection with te server

i will downloaden win32 version



I  not  connection with te server

I will download win 64 and 32

Another Archlinux user here

Works fine indeed. I have started to complete translation of UI entries to German. Hope I'll be ready in the near future. Thinking about translating the help files to German, too.


Hey, forest bear59!

That would be fantastic.  Let me know if we can help you.  This year is a year for me to get some strategic things going to ensure the future viability of the project.  What if I'm buried in an avalanche?  What if Doug is taken into the witness protection program?  What if Masahiro is kidnapped by the North Koreans?

So, I'm thinking about things.  I'll be in touch in the next few months....

It's ok for the moment

... but I think, it would be a great advantage, if the project could have a broader base of contributors.

Regrettably I am no programming wiz, so I have to do 'secondary tasks'. ;-) . 

Any hope for an updatet

Any hope for an updatet Version on Mac OS 10.6.8? Is this please possible? That will be great, realy. Thanks a lot!


Hello Pixel, wich version do

Hello Pixel, wich version do you use for 10.6.8 at this time?

Any hope for an updatet

THank you

For some reason I'm getting "Spursint.A" Trojan alerts...

... when trying to download the 64bit installer ...  "LightZone-Installer-4.1.5-amd64.exe". Is there something I'm missing or is Windows Defender freaking out unnecesarily? I have no way to diagnose the problem and am left with the 32bit option as the only one that Defender accepts.

Try Free Avast

A couple of thoughts here.  Take a look at this link  __> https://github.com/google/material-design-lite/issues/1754 to see if you can further the discussion.


Second, try Free Avast temporarily, which will disable Windows Defender.  Scan the file with Free Avast to see if it detects the trojan.  You can always remove the program after the experiment.



Good ...but

Great software, to be preferred to other software, but the Italian translation is incomplete...

Win links are not working

Both w32 and win64 links are down

they still are

they still are

no link showing

no link showing  !


where to download windows 7 64 bit editing progmamme

praynman 2shaweh
light zone

I found light zone yesterday and excited about the format and the extra little tweeks to use on a photo. I'm trying to find as many tutorials to read as possibe. Just anxious to learn .

                                                                                              Thanks for the program!

windows links?

OK, works now :-)


Still down

The windows links are still down, please could someone take a look at this? :)

You need to click the

You need to click the uppermost link in "Downloads for Lightzone". only the torrent-link doesn't work


no, none of those links work.

no, none of those links work. either i got a "bad id" when i try for the torrent, or with spideroak it just loads and loads and nothing happens. tried with several browsers..

Edit: ok, now it did work, but only in firefox! (not in chrome or edge)

i'm not sure why, i think it might be spiederoaks fault

Eschis Ligth
how to open the programm to work with

Sorry for my poor english ( I´m an 78 year old german fellow ). My problem :
after having signed in I found no way to start Light Zone for editing my own pictures.

May someone of you have an idee what I have done wrong ?

thanks and best regaards from Eschi (Bavaria,Germany)

On what operating system you

On what operating system you want to use LightZone? Is it a download problem or an installation issue?

Welches Betriebssystem nutzt du? Ist es ein Download-Problem oder kommst du mit der Installation nicht klar?

Best regards / schöne Grüße



Windows installer 64bit?

I can only see this installer: LightZone-Installer-4.1.5-x86.exe. By default it wants to install to C:\Program Files (x86). Is this a 32bit version? If so, is there a 64 bit version for windows 8 and intel?

Or is the amd64.exe installer OK to install in a wintel system?

andrea caccamese
Installer for Windows Vista 32 bit

What should I use?


Thanks for helping


The good version for Mageia

Hi dev team,

I run Mageia 5 and the version that works for me out of the box is :


A message says that the signature is missing but  finaly works perfectly.

The Fedora 23 version does'nt works out of the box.

Thanks for all this job and things going better month after month.




Will try see if it works on my old mac

thx again for all the efforts.

Jartz B73
Downloading v.4.1.5


Download Lightzone

Hello I have problems to download the version Win 64 bit (I have windows 7 ) link displays the site legit torrents with an error message ( bad ID) why? Be clear I am French and does not speak English ! Thanks for the help.

Download Lightzone

Hello , I finally managed to download the correct version , very good editing software, I have used a lot of ligthzone software is powerful, it needs to evolve further !!!



All links seem to be down again :(


IE or Chrome download?

There is no way to download this is there, using IE or Chrome?  There is no visible link.

Are you logged in?

Are you logged in on those browsers? I can see the links on IE11/Win7 and Chrome49/Win10. Also on Edge25/Win10.

re just a download page

I love this program : )

Any chance of having a standalone page just for download links? for  MAC LIN WIN

keep up the fantastic work !!!


thank u

(Y) Cant find the link..any help pls


there's no download link...

there's no download link...

there's no download link...

there's no download link...




Click on the text in DOWNLOADS FOR LIGHTZONE named:

"Click Here forSpideroak Links for Downloading and Updating"


Have a nice day

I clicked on the link, but

I clicked on the link, but when it transfers to the site I get a bad gateway error message. No possible way of downloading the program. Bad form.



I´m writing only for say "thank you" to all the team of LightZone. The best raw photo editing software XD

Thank you again,


This is a **fantastic**

This is a **fantastic** program! Thank you SO much for keeping this project alive and well!!
 I use this for all of my best shots and I have never found anything which even comes close to it.

(and it even works on my Linux!!!)

Wait until you really dig down into it!

You have no idea----truly a wonderful program, great combination of power/capabilities/ease of use.  Not nearly as powerful as Photoshop, but Photoshop has a bunch of tools most photography doesn't need, and is a complicated hell to use.  Not to mention the price....

Lightroom is a great program, but also more complicated and requires your hand in marriage (libraries, need we say more? Although printing is *better*, at least interface-wise), so is PaintShop Pro, and Darktable, RawTherapee, and others out there.  But we still love LightZone.  When you get it to work for you, it really works.  And one great thing about it is that the ease of use is very freeing. The biggest problem is that a lot of the power, especially in the blending modes, is a little hidden away.

Mangang Mei
How to download Lightzone??

I am already registered. but can not find any link to download the Lightzone application.

Please guide me.

Download link for windows and Mac not working

I tried to download the program but when I clicked on the link the site opened and I got a BAD GATEWAY error message. How do I download the program? I couldn't find any way around it.


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