Call for Linux Beta Testers

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Pavel has informed us that Dev Team member Masahiro has cleared up the glitch in Linux mentioned previously, and thus if we find no other issues we will be starting the Linux Beta Test very soon. Therefore we are issuing this call for Linux Beta Testers. If you are able to work on this, please respond in the comments section below this article/post. Please make sure your registered email here is one where we can reach you!

Finally :)

Count me on - I'm ready to test.

I'd be glad to; been testing

I'd be glad to; been testing on 64 bit Windows 7 and I have a laptop with Ubuntu 12.10. I would love to see how the 2 compare side-by-side

I submitted a comment to the

I submitted a comment to the April 13 post, but it went off for moderator review and hasn't shown up.

So I'll volunteer here too: I run Fedora 18 64-bit, and I'm currently a Lightroom user in a Windows virtual machine.

I'd be happy to help.


Running PCLinuxOS and happy to help


I have 2 Linux systems. One is Fedora, the other Ubuntu. I'm willing to test on both.

Willing to test

I have some time to try out the LZ betas with my Fedora 18 configuration and Nikon NEFs from my D7000 and an older D80.

Yes, here!

have a 64bit Core-i5 machine and an old 32bit Pentium-M-laptop to test it with. Used Lightzone since it became available on Linux, bought a license later.


I'm voluntering !

+ 1

I have various systems with Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, installed. I use Olympus 4/3 cameras (e-3 and e-330) and one XZ-1 compact camera. I use CorelAfterShot and sometimes Darktable.
I would be very glad to be helpful.

+ 1

I have various systems with Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, installed. I use Olympus 4/3 cameras (e-3 and e-330) and one XZ-1 compact camera. I use CorelAfterShot and sometimes Darktable.
I'm very glad to be helpful.

Love to

I'm running Mint 14 on a i7-920. Don't have a lot of experience with Lighzone but have played with it on and off over the last few years.

Don't forget the Puppy

I've used the old version on PCLinux OS but wonder if it will run on Puppy Linux or other distros.
Happy to give it a walk/run!

Beta Tester

Completely new to raw digital photography.

Bulent Celasun
Linux Beta Test

Hello All,
I have been using LightZone since its early days (presently very infrequently).
Still a licensed user!
I would like to continue to use LZ.
My system runs Mint 13 Maya, 64bit on Intel Core i5 processor and 16GiB RAM.
Would be happy to be involved.

Linux Beta Test

Countdown to begining test

Linux Beta Test

Countdown to begin test

Linux Beta Test

Opensuse 12.2

Linux Beta Test

Hello all.

I'll be happy if I can help with testing (but I'm new with RAW) LightZone on Linux with LinuxMint 14 on my AMD Phenom II X4 965 and NVIDIAGeForce 9600GT.

Linux Beta Test

Hi there,

I could help with Linux beta test, too.
I'm running Debian Wheezy 64 Bits (Kanotix) as my primary OS and was using Lightzone on Linux earlier.

Best wishes

Linux Beta Test

I wanna help with Linux beta test. I'm running on Ubuntu 12.04. I'm using commercial LightZone (bought license)on Ubuntu and Windows (XP and 7)
Best regards

Just learned about this project!

Does this mean a new version of LightZone is on its way? Please sign me up.

I tried LightZone in the past and quite liked it even when there were a few rough edges. Can't even remember now what they were exactly. Time to get reacquainted with the programme I guess.

My main system (laptop) is running Debian 7 Wheezy and I have several other computers as well.

Linux Beta Test

Greetings -

ubuntu 10.04 on a dual core 32 desktop with lightzone, darktable, rawstudio, ufraw, darkroom

pinguy/ubuntu 12.04 on a dual core 32 laptop with lightzone, darktable, rawstudio, ufraw, rawtherapy, darkroom

canon 1000d

I'd be pleased to test the linux beta.


Count me in


I'm a long time linux user and software devel and of course an avid photographer. I would be more than happy to test LightZone on linux (Ubuntu and Ubuntustudio) and report my findings.

Linux Beta Test

I would be happy to beta test also. Running Ubuntu 12.10 64bit, Xeon 3210, 8Gig ram, and gtx 275.

Count me in

I'm a long time linux user and a software devel, an avid photograper too! I'm more than happy to test LightZone and report my findings. I'm running Ubuntu (on a macbook pro) and Ubuntustudio (desktop machine with 8 cores, 16Gb RAM), 12.10 64bit both.

Linux Beta Test

Hi there,
I'm ready to test - 3 x Ubuntu 12.10 system (32 and 64 bit).

Linux Beta Test

I am running Arch Linux 64 bit Intel Dual Core E4500 with 6 GB ram and ATI graphics.

I am ready for testing.


Count me in

I run Ubuntu 64bits on two computers and I'm eager to contribute to the project.




I am new on this lightzone project. I am running a Debian stable box (6.xx) and will soon upgrade to the testing (7.0) - if it is still possible I like to test also lightzone.


Yes, please

Perhaps my previous comment got lost somehow? I am very interested in this project and would also like to test the new release. I am a Debian 7 (amd64/multiarch) user with access to a few other OSs. Thank you.

Linux Beta Test


I'm a long time linux user and a new user of lightzone. For a project that has been stagnant for a while, lightzone stacks up well with the other raw editing software available for linux. It is powerful and stable, the user interface and the approach to photo editing are unique. It's a great starting point.

I would like to help with the beta testing.

This is also my second post on this topic, so mail is definitely falling down a rabbit hole.


The mail's not falling down the rabbit hole!

Never fear! We just haven't started the beta for Linux yet. I am still awaiting word that we are a go for the test. Pavel is on vacation for a few days, and right now he's lead developer as Anton is working on his startup. When I get that "go", I'll be in touch with everyone via email. Posting here was just the best way for me to collect the volunteers.

LightZone for Linux beta testing

I run a variety of Linux distros, and I have a lot of experience using RAW processing software for Linux. I'd be happy to help testing LightZone for Linux.

I'm just curious have my posts stuck in a moderation queue

or do they just go to the bit heaven? This is my third post and in case they have, I'm volunteering to test LightZone on linux (ubuntu and ubuntustudio).

Not sure what you mean, sampovuori....

....all your posts are here...

Sorry if I'm spammy but I can

Sorry if I'm spammy but I can still only see the last one I sent.

That's really strange....

Have you tried a refresh? I can see your posts, and they are part of the post count. We don't hold posts up for "moderation", btw. We just delete them if necessary.

I have no idea why this is happening.

And you're NOT "spammy"----it's a legit concern for both of us!

I think I have the same

I think I have the same problem as Sampovuori. I sent two comments, of which the first never showed up. The website did say it was held for moderation, but after a few days of waiting I decided to send another reply which did immediately get posted and was not held.

If you can see posts that your users can't, possibly they are not "published" or whatever status your CMS gives to such posts.

Edit: of course I did try "refresh", but to no avail. It seems to me that the problem almost certainly is not in the browser but on the server side.

I will check today....

...but to my knowledge this is the first time we've run into this. I believe everything is set to "publish". Once your role changes to "participant" there shouldn't be any problem at all. I think, however, that there may be one other instance of this besides your 2----and maybe more, now that I look at some "doubled" posts. If I can't sort this today, I'm going to my local Drupal meeting this evening and there will be some experts there who can help.

Thanks so much for chiming in! Every little bit helps. After we get the program launched and more of the translation work going and some done, I'll probably put out a call for website assistance---but those other things are more important right now.

Yes I tried refreshing..

And even a different browser to make sure it's not some kind of weird caching problem. They're not in the post count either so I think they're somehow hidden / not approved.

What is weird though..

is that I see your comment as #24 and my reply to that post is a "reply to #38" so there is an interesting inconsistency there..


So, see my post to Olav above

Linux beta test

I run plain Debian and I would like to test the beta

Me too!

Fedora 18 64 Bit :)


i can test

Count me in

I would like to beta test

I'd like to help:)

Hi there,
I'd really like to join the beta test - running xubuntu precise on amd phenom.
Still have (strangely) still working test install of lightzone from 2008 (updated with your great dcraw updates)...


would be happy

I'm running Debian Sid on an AMD Phenom X6 with 16GB Ram, love LightZone since many years...

let's try again

huh - my initial reply isn't showing up here, so I'll try again:

I have some time coming up and I'd be happy to beta test LightZone on my Fedora 18 platform, mostly with NEFs (Nikon RAW files) from a D7000 and a few from my older D80.

Happy to help

Arch Linux, 64 bit


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