Historic LightZone Meet-Up: LightZone in Japan!

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Greetings LightZone user community, from Kyoto Japan.  Tonight I had the privilege of meeting our lead developer, Masahiro Kitagawa And his lovely wife Aya in Kyoto, where my wife and I are on tour(just ending) with her museum's tour group.  I was able to go along with her, and so was able to meet with Masahiro for the first time.  Read more (and it's worth it!) by clicking through...

My wife Frances and I were treated to a terrific Japanese dinner by the Kitagawa's at Yoshina on Ponto-cho street.  Photo by our waiter using my smartphone.

This marks the first time anyone from The LightZone Project has met face to face---to date it's all been by email or phone calls.  No, Doug Pardee and I have never met.  I wish he had been with us.

We talked of many things(...of cabbages and kings), with an exchange of thoughts about certain directions we need to go in the coming months and beyond.  Masahiro had a big surprise for me:  he demo'd a very preliminary prototype of lens corrections!  It is not ready yet, but what he showed me did work!  4 sliders, 2 for perspective corrections and 2 for CA corrections, plus an automatic button based on the LensFun database.  And there was more that we discussed as well.  So, try to be patient.

Terrific news, I'm impatient

Terrific news, I'm impatient to test these new features ! And happy to see you !!

Have a nice time!

Have a nice time!

Happy to see a 'real life' picture of you.

And I'm looking forward to the new features to come ...



It is really nice to see you

It is really nice to see you and hard to be patient.


Have all a nice time!



Nice to see you



Nice to see you, and hear about recent progress. Seeing the face of people you are working with is very inspiring. You look all friendly. Have a good time. This is a wonderfull world (the wold of LightZone).


 A nice day to ye all

Tokyo Visit

Next time you visit Japan make a special effort to visit Tokyo as well.  It is one of the world's most dynamic cities to visit.



I did visit Tokyo....

and I loved it.  Loved Japan generally.  I thought I would really like it, but I liked it even more than I thought I would.  I even think I'm crypto-Shinto....

Downloadable File Names, Mac

I notice that available downloads of LightZone have 'Mavericks' descriptors in the file name.  Since then, OS-X has moved on to Yosemite and El Capitan.  Are these downloads specific to Mavericks of a couple years ago?  Or, are these OS-X (Mac) downloads usable in the latest El Capitan environment as well?  Thanks.


The package for OS X was buit

The package for OS X was buit on Mavericks because I couldn't upgrade my machine to newer version, but I think it works on Yosemite and El Capitan too.



Great News

I miss Japan. Looking forward to the changes.

How long has it been?

I am sure Tokyo would flat out amaze you.  Although my wife says there is a lot less neon since her last visit 8 years ago.

Ease of editing

I love this software. No hassle. Easy and delightful to use. Thanks

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