November 23, 2015: LightZone v4.1.4 Released

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Hello LightZone community.  Today our lead developer Masahiro Kitagawa has released v4.1.4, which fixes several bugs and adds a few tweaks/improvements.  Changelog is here. Also let's all wish Masahiro a Happy Birthday (a couple of days late...)


Great news! All the best to

Great news! All the best to Masahiro! You rock!

"Enabled mouse wheel to

"Enabled mouse wheel to choose a Blending Mode"


I never report this wish (but think about many time), but this is just terrific improvement for me.


Thanks to the team and Masahiro !

steve ellsworth
4.14 cant delete files

still rocks



It's necessary. 


Thank you Masahiro Kitagawa!  and Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday

Is there any chance to get a 4.1.4 for the good old 10.6.8? ;-)

In the last days i got a lot of failures and the program quit with 4.1.3 when i wanted to load RAWs from a Sony RX 100 II. The bugreportapp after this quit statrtet many instances on the screen and there where a lot of windows to klick away. One dialog, which says that the fileformat could not be loaded seems not enough ;-))

Thank you!

I'm so so glad to see that this program is still being maintained by some of you! .. Incredible and thank you so so much for making this open and developing as much as possible. I used to use LZ back in 2010-2011 timeframe... the very essence of dealing with luminosity is something that no other editor manages to do ... 

thank you!!

Always great to see...

a former user-fan find us, so welcome!  If you were one of us who used the program back in those days, you won't wonder why we want to keep it alive.

Happy Belated B-Day Mr.

Happy Belated B-Day Mr. Kitagawa, and a HUGE Thank You (and all the folks) for the hard work you put into this great software!

Virus and currupted pics?

Hello, first of all, thx for keeping lightzone alive.

I downloaded several versions of lightzone, but my avast always reports me a trojaner.

And I can´t open my pics anymore, cause I get always a message that the file is damaged. But on my camera Canon D1200 I can see all of them, so I think tehy aren´t lost.

Anyone has this problem too?


( Sorry for my English..)

These are false positives

Anyway, there is now a new version!

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