Tex Is On The Road Again

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I'll be traveling for the next 13 days, September 30-October 12, so please be patient as my internet access will be restricted to the time in the hotels.  This should not be as disruptive as my June trip, however, as I'll never really be off the grid.  And I'll have a surprise for all of you towards the end of the trip....

32 bit

I'm really interested in your software, but I'm running on 32 bits Windows 8.  Does this work on my computer?  How will I know what your answer is, are you able to email me?  Thanks tv

Yes it will run

It should work.


Log in and the download window appears to the left. You must download the 32 bit version from top of the download window. Windows might protest over installation from untrusted sources. Ignore it, install and enjoy


Have a nice day

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