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Dear members and viewers,

I received a report from a member (with screenshots) that appear to show that the website has been hacked---but I am not seeing what he is seeing (typical Viagra junk, both in the header and footer).  This member kindly did a security scan as well which also showed the problem, although again, weirdly, when I looked there I did not see the problems he did. So:  Could you please look carefully and let me know if you see anything wrong?  Thanks.

did a quick check of the

did a quick check of the website (with adblocker disbabled :-)) and did not find any wrong



Nothing wrong with site as

Nothing wrong with site as far as I can see. Suggest problem might be with the reporters own computer.

Thank you both

That is what I thought, but better safe than sorry.  His second bit of research really gave me pause....



Bulent Celasun
Looks just fine here (On

Looks just fine here (On Linux, usingFirefox, in TR).

Nothing wrong here

Mac 10.10.3, Firefox, no adblocker

Everything OK for me.

Everything OK for me.



I have to revise my prior

I have to revise my prior statement. 

Now there is spam exactly between this posting #9 and my prior posting #7.



I see it

membership deleted

I have seen a lot of spam (I

I have seen a lot of spam (I think it was a lot of spam) in the past but I see that anymore.

But I think spam in the comments means not a hijacked webside.

Maybe (???) that could a problem of the user? In the past I used some (too much) Plugins for Google Chrome and some of them put advertising in websides. The bad thing was dthe plugins don't do it after installing, they wait some days, weeks before that. So you don't know why you have this. After that I read about that and deinstalled all not really necessary plugins and all was ok. If that is the problem you can see that because this advertising-problem ist not only on one side, it's on many (or all ?) websides.

Sorry for my bad english. I'm a german and it is late here #-).

Will not launch on my Mac

At every attemot to launch LZ, I get the following messege....

“LightZone” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer"


This is a "security feature"

This is a "security feature" of MacOS.


It is a warning, that you can ignore:



Thanks I managed to get past

Thanks, I managed to get past that a few hours back. Now despite downloading and installing updated Java's Virtual Machine, I keep getting this.......

"Error starting Java virtual machine...."

Just and FYI

The place you've posted these messages is probably not the best place---I'm leaving them here for now to give you time to repost to an appropriate forum where you may get more attention for the problem.  This blog post really didn't have anything to do with this specific problem, so people will not be looking here about this sort of thing.  Sorry you're having an issue, BTW.  I'm not a Mac guy, so I'm no help here, and this may be Mac specific.

Thaks, I'll post this

Thaks, I'll post this elsewhere....



Everything ok for me

Everything is ok  for me Running windows 8.1 

Infected browser?

Since nothing seems wrong with this site, I guess that the user's browser is infected by a mulware. Such kind of mulwares are called 'Ad Injectors', and insert unwanted advertise panes in some websites like second image on the following description:





Clean site
Site fine - Linux 64 bit, Firefox 36,etc

Site appears fine - works fine no problems. Running well on Linux 64 bit - Firefox 36 browser, noscript etc.. Clean clutter & clutter free !!

I too am seeing them

I too am seeing spam adverts on the site in the footer and in the 'news' area.


New Registrants Please Read Before You Register!

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Such as that.

I was getting the same

I was getting the same message as above but targetted to UK. It has happened on work and home pc that are well protected. The message has disappeared following registration.

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