Happy Birthday To Us; Happy Thanksgiving From the U.S.

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This month marks our birthday month in 2011 (roughly, as it was a rolling start...), so we are 3 years old now, and we celebrate by clearing the 70,000 member threshold.   As many of you may know already, we are also at beta 13 beyond the release candidate, V4.0, thanks to lead developer Masahiro Kitagawa. Read More after the break...

As previously stated in other posts have been unavoidably away from the project for several months, looking in only briefly every now and then, due to pressing other commitments and some major computer problems.  Now some of that is cleared away so I can finally get back to working more on the Project.  One thing I will be working on shortly are new raw profiles where possible (dcraw dependent...).  After a quick email exchange with Masahiro I understand that we may be able to release V4.1 soon as the official release candidate.  My target for that is the upcoming holiday season and turn of the new year.  I'll also be working on some new video tutorials in the coming few weeks to revive that incomplete part of the Project.  I also hope to have an interesting news announcement in the next week or so, so stay tuned.

As is obvious, my ambitious plans to rework the website also had to be put on hold.  I hope we can get back to that in the coming year.

My hearty thanks to all of you who are posting to the forums and keeping them lively and informative.  For anyone who has had difficulties posting or signing up, I also hope to get back to those problems shortly.  Thanks for your patience.

Best wishes!

Best wishes to everyone in the LZ family for the holiday season!




... for three very remarkable years. Best wishes from me, too!



Thanks for your great work!;-

Thanks for your great work!;-)


Thank everyone contributing (testing, using, developing, maintaining, translating) For the last word (translating) I am giving myself, and maybe a few others a nice gift. LightZone will speak my own language. But I am sure it could speak many more languages. It is not a hard work. But you may need some spare time. So contact Mashihiro (A BIG THANK YOU to him) and move on.


Happy Holiday, Christmas, Yule and winter solstice to everybody



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