In Memoriam: Uwe Steinmueller

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It is with great sadness that we relate the death of Uwe Steinmueller, by heart attack on August 8th.  Most relevantly for us who are LightZone users, he and his wife Bettina were early advocates of the program and they produced on their website a number of tutorials for it, and for a while ran a challenge "contest" for LightZone development of an image they provided.  He appeared with Fabio Riccardi in one LightZone video, and was a consultant to the LightZone team in its early formative years, from 2006 through 2008 or so.  All of us have them to thank for some of LightZone's early success, and also probably for some improvements that occurred in those early days.  He also was of assistance to us here at the project when we started, and was delighted when we succeeded in going open source and preserving LightZone.  Read more...

He, with Bettina, were an early pioneers of sensible, thoughtful and informative photography and digital photography blogging at their site, Digital Outback Photo.  He was especially important during those heady years beginning about 10 years ago when digital photography was changing so rapidly and coming into its own as a medium. He and his wife Bettina published a number of books, with especially important early ones on raw development and the new digital printing processes for fine art prints, and they ran workshops as well, especially important ones for the latter. 

On their website they also did a fair amount of gear testing, especially cameras, often going out of their way to review cameras that weren't then receiving a lot of respect from the "serious" photography community.  This is especially and notably true of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras---now their early advocacy has been vindicated.  Add to that a forum they ran on their website that was an important resource for a lot of solid technical information not only on cameras and lenses but also printing and raw issues, at a time when there was much less information of that quality available.  And all this in both English and German!

As the digital photography community matured and improved online, he and Bettina were able to take a step back a bit in recent years from the full rigors of running a website of the scope that they had done earlier, and concentrate it seems on their own lives and creative work---and good for them, a well deserved re-focusing.

Uwe, we salute you and will greatly miss you, you taught many of us so much.  Bettina, our heartfelt condolences go out to you especially, but also to the rest of the family.



Very sad news.

Very sad news.

Uwe was a great source of information and a progressive person.

RIP.  You will be missed.


Very sad notice. Sorry, my

Very sad notice. Sorry, my english is very limited...

Mis condolencias para his wife and family.

The Gator


Too sad.

But his work and footprint will live in the future thanks to this site.

Very sad news

Sincere condoleances to Bettina and the Steinmueller familiy. I remember wividely some email correspondence I had with him a couple ofyears ago and his enthusiasm for Lightzone in early days. Especially the book on Lightroom he wrote together with Juergen Gulbins was an invaluable help in getting up to speed in the fast evolving digital imaging age.

Uwe we will miss you, but you will remain very present thanks your work !



Heartfelt condolences to the family. 


Very sad news

I read only today this sad news... my sincere condoleances to his wife Bettina and the familiy, and a thanks for his works and his great sensibility and passion.


As the former CEO of LightCrafts during its high-growth stage we consulted with Uwe to make LightZone better, as I know he had been providing Fabio with constant feedback and assistance before. His photography was top notch and so were his no-nonsense reviews on any product he would get his hands on. He was a beacon of truth. Sad to discover he has passed away.

-- Georges van Hoegaerden

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