Sagelight Image Editor

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Sagelight Image Editor

I'm using Sagelight for a long time now and I find it an amazing image editor, you can do magic with light. It still sells for 39,95 Dollar, lifetime license & multiple PC in household.
30 day free trial:


Sagelight  is a premier image

Sagelight  is a premier image editor with advanced features.

While the linux community is

While the linux community is constantly growing, Sagelight only sticks to Windows.

So, I can see a better future for LZ.


Sagelight noise reduction

Old thread, I know, but followed the link (offer expired, duh) and was reading some about their noise reduction.

Seems intriguing.  Has anyone tried/does anyone use this feature who could offer a comment or two about how effective it is?

Very curious, as my camera, (Sony A700) does a great job at most things, high ISO is not one of them.

During the holiday weekend, I was asked by my daughter to shoot photos of her baby shower (my 2nd grandchild - yeehaw!).

There was enough light to get good hand-held shots with my camera's anti-shake engaged as long as I stuck to cakes, destert trays, etc., but not enough to stop the action of all the ambitious, boisterous young adults in attendance.

Y'all know the compromises, add a strobe and deal with inevitable shadows that result (sure, you can minimize them, but there is no way to avoid them completely), or crank up the ISO to stop motion and deal with the noise.

I could get a new camera (I know newer models offer much lower noise and higher ISO's than mine), but I cannot really justify that. 

If Sagelight (or something similar) can actually do the job, that would be great.

As a Linux proponent, I am disappointed to see that it is Windows only, but that would not be a deal breaker for me.

Comments would be appreciated.


Sagelight noise reduction

I use Sagelight, as well as other editors, and I would say that the Noise Reduction element is quite superb and superior to what you get with other programs.


There's one guy on the sagelight forums that say's he managed to get it running under wine on a Fedora box, but I could never get it running for more that a few seconds on my Debian based box. But then, I'm not exactly a geek. Rob (Mr. Sagelight) was interested in Linux at one time but I think is attention is now fully focused on the new UI.

I'm impressed enough with it to run win7 on a VM just to use it, but since then I've also installed Photoninja and Lightroom. (Get's expensive running windows!)

I think the $40 offer is still valid, Rob has been having some trouble with PayPal at the moment so I would expect this to be sorted out shortly.



I loaded Sagelight via Wine

I loaded Sagelight via Wine and also via my Crossover (wine).  Straight Wine give me hassles, as I seem not to be able to invoke subsequent instances of the application without executing yet again the installation file.


Crossover lets me restart the program normally, but neither route allows me to really use the application.  Inevitably, it freezes during routine functions, and I have to "xkill" it to regain control of my system.


So, contrary to what is claimed in the promotional online blurbs, I have to assume that it really does not run in Linux (have to say that this is the first time I've seen a software offering claiming to run in Linux when it really only runs via Wine, if at all).


More significantly, I fired up the application in Windows Pro7 and found that marginally noisy RAW images appear grossly more noisly when opened in this application.  I can use the sliders to bring the noise levels back down, but when I feed the application a really noisey photo, it struggles as mightlly as any other application I might invoke to deal with the issue.

I am always inrtrigued by new software offering, especially upstart, independent offerings from sources that purport to buck the "big few" trend.  But, given my underwhelming experience with this offering coupled with the troubling evidence of non-responsiveness of the developer on his own website, I will adopt a wait and see posture with respect to purchasing it.  I don't really need another RAW developer, but could use (and was most interested in) the noise reduction features that this software seemed to offer.  Having given it a test run, I'm not convinced that it can really improve my photos.  Your mileage may vary.




Hi Caruso,

Hi Caruso,


I cannot comment on the Linux issues but what you have written makes sense as an observation.


As for the application - somewhere amongst the information I'm sure I read that they see it as a Photo File Manager (a DAM of some sort I suppose) that also has an editor in it because that seems to be expected in the marketplace.


I may have misunderstood (or misremembered) that part but I decided that right now I don't have time to look at it to any depth. Maybe that will change in a week or two. However as I use Windows and there is a wide choice ... I may wait for the comments from others before doing anything.







Sagelight is not a Photo File

Sagelight is not a Photo File Manager, but it is a superb image editor. I run in W7 so cannot comment on it's problems with Linux. As far as noise reduction, it works very well. You have to understand how it works for full appreciation. I also use Topaz DeNoise and I think it runs as well. You have to understand that Sagelight does not antialias and therefore you see more noise than in other editors/RAW converters. At 100% view, this is not an issue.

Too late to use Sagelight in 2017? Need help on colour mgt in SL

Hello Den,

I rediscovered Sagelight few days ago while searching for maniuplation of curves in HSL colour space.

I have ended up trying it again and, as in the past, I love using it (it still has some tool that I cannot find anywhere else!)... BUT... as in the past I am facing some colour management issue (colours in Sagelight do not match what other softwares show).

I am not sure this is the right place to ask such question but the old Sagelight forum is gone, and using web archive, I understand you could be the one that has the good knowledge to help me :)

Do you know how colour management is done in Sageligh? Is there a trick to ensure colours displayed by Sagelight are correct? (I have a calibrated monitor)

Thank you in advance for your help!

Kind regards


Sagelight is not a Photo File

Glad you clarified that Den. It still remains a mystery to me why Sagelight has not become a prime editor. All you need is Lightzone and Sagelight for the majority of shots. Sagelight is handy for those plug-ins you already have and feel are necessary.

sagelight image editor

Ive been trying to purchase sagelight image editor for weeks and their website says pay-pal is not working. Sent Rob numerous e-mails with no response. My trial version has expired right in the middle of some important editing. Any suggestions on where i might be able to purchase this program.

You may be out of luck, at

You may be out of luck, at least for the time being.

Den, who helped new users register their Sagelight copy, no longer provides that service. The Sagelight forum appears to be dead. All old forum messages disappeared weeks ago. The forum appears functional though,  a few "is it all over now?" kind of messages have been posted recently.

I see similarities in Lightzone and Sagelight, or rather in the creators Fabio R. and Rob N. in the sense that their software product grew to become hard to manage with limited resources. Lightzone was abandoned, but it was rescued in the form of this open source project. The Sagelight programmer (Rob) has been absent from his web/blog and forum for quite some time, but he may indeed be back.


Odd S.

sagelight image editor

Well thanks for the response. I was afraid of that. I messed around with probably 25 to 30 image editors before sagelight and was hooked from day one. What a great program. Rob must be MIA because he doesn't respond to any e-mails and i've sent him many. I guess I'll just keep an eye on his website and hopefully one day the program will be back on the market....



What a let-down the entire SafeLight project has become

Like many others, when I discovered Sagelight 3-4 years ago, I immediately became hooked on the quality of the RAW conversions - not to mention all of the features.  So I gambled and paid the $39.95 to get it.  But nothing since has occurred - nada - and this is where the let down came into play.  Had energy been devoted to furthering this wonderful program, it could have truly become a giant killer.  I still have it installed on my system, but with the wealth of cameras released over the past several years, it does me no good now.

Oh well - how nice it could be if just like Lightzone (which now seems like it's no longer being updated), somehow Sagelight could be adopted by this site and furthered via open source.


Hi, Ben

Nice to see you here again.  We are going to be updating, it's just that those of us involved in that have a lot on our plates just now personally.  I know I'm busier than i have been in a couple of decades...


Hello, please send me a way to register Sagelight that is not online.
My number is not run.
Best regards.

Ka Ka


Rob Nelson


Dnia Czwartek, 10 Marca 2011 06:42 <> napisał(a)
> Hi.
> Thanks for buying Sagelight Image Editor.
> Your registration ID is **********************
> You can download the latest version (4.0 was just release) package from  This version qualifies for all Version 4 updates.
> When running Sagelight, select Sagelight->Enter Registration Code, and then you can paste this number into the box that comes up.  Sagelight will verify this number online just once, and no other information is sent but the transaction ID.   If you prefer a way to register Sagelight that is not online, please just let me know and I will send other instructions.
> Thanks again for the purchase, and please feel free to send comments or suggestions, as I'm always working to make Sagelight more useful!
> Rob