Sony A7 Raw Tone Curve

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Sony A7 Raw Tone Curve

Hi there.

I tried to follow the instructions on doing a curve for Sony's A7 but had no success. My curve ended up with a red cast. The gamma is much better but I cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong still. Any insight would be helpful.



I'm about to try creating one

I'm about to try creating one for myself, for the A7r which I just got.

I hope it's not a dcraw problem...

I came to install Lightzone

I came to install Lightzone because DCRAW was confounding me. I suspect it is DCRAW that's part of the problem. 

It is almost like Sony is applying a gamma curve at capture onto the images. The reason why I say this is that any adjustment I make is extreme.

When I've tried to make a linear TIFF file in DCRAW, and then look at the histograms, it's much different than anything I've seen from other cameras. The bulk of the information does not sit in the left of the histogram like most files.

Highlights seem similar, but again, even the simple adjustments I'm used to don't apply.

When I tried to create a profile it seems to reflect and echo much of what I was trying to do in shell terminal. If you get any success please share your techniques.


A7r Raw Tone Curve trial

This is totally new for me, but based on the Youtube example I tried to experiment to come as close as possible to the desired values.

I got 232, 149/150, 90, 50, 23, 10. I am not able to get the last value down to 9 or preferrably 8. Do you think this is an issue or is 10 an acceptable vlue. For now this seems to be the compromise I have to accept.

Would appreciate your feedback, many thanks in advance.

tex's it look?'s it look?

A7r Raw Tone Curve trial

Still PINK! I am unable to get rid of that pink film over it.


Try unlocking the RAW Tone

Try unlocking the RAW Tone curve and disabling it and then see what happens. It may not look right for all colours but does the pink cast disappear? DOes the exposure also seem to change?







Hmmmm....something is wrong

Hmmmm....something is wrong then....

I experienced that red cast

I experienced that red cast/film over my images from a panasonic g6 and gm1 as well.

I was able to get rid of it by using the latest beta version and not using current stable release (version 4.0), maybe you give that beta a try as well.

I am seeing some similar

I am seeing some similar strange results with some Canon RAW files - there is another thread running with notes and comments about that.


They may or may not be somehow related.






Also trying to create raw profile for A7

I also got the pink cast. The thumbnails and preview image in browser mode look fine, but in editor it is pink. I initially made my profile using AA7hVFAI00050.ARW which is ISO50. All my values were within 1 or 2 of the targets.


I see that the A7 uses ARW format v2.3.1, kind of new, maybe it is confusing to LZ?


Next I downloaded Adobe DNG converter 8.3 (which has Sony A7 support), converted the image to .DNG format and went through the calibration routine again. I got all values within 1 or 2 and the adjustment spread required seemed pretty reasonable. With this applied, the colors look good to me.


If there is somewhere I can send or upload the resultant LZT file, I'd be happy to. Otherwise, the values of interest are:

<Scale Factor="0.19055536"/>

<Points Size="16">
<Point X="5" Y="0.3230088495575221"/>
<Point X="8" Y="0.5309734513274337"/>
<Point X="10" Y="0.6504424778761062"/>
<Point X="11" Y="0.7168141592920354"/>
<Point X="13" Y="0.831858407079646"/>
<Point X="14" Y="0.8893805309734514"/>
<Point X="15" Y="0.9734513274336283"/>



Several things here on the

Several things here on the new raw profiles:

  • I did all the Sony profiles, but in all but one or two I got a slight pink cast in the grey square to the immediate right of the white square.  Oddly, the other squares were hardly affected by any cast at all. This cast wasn't very noticeable in the rest of the image either, but when you scrutinized it you could see it.  Doug and Masahiro believed it to be a dcraw issue.
  • Masahiro sent me a link to an even later version of dcraw, one that will only find its way into v4.1 beta 7.  After a couple of false starts trying to replace my v4.1 beta 6 dcraw with this new one, I think I have finally been successful
  • This weekend i will be remaking those profiles and a bunch of others.  My goal now is to have them all done this week, although I have other things unrelated to LightZone in my life that are all on deadline right now.
  • In the working copy of a raw profile I did for my own A7R, this slight pink cast had little to no observable effect on real world images.  So, it's mainly a problem for neutrals or repro/product photography and other similar color critical missions
  • using the Raw Tool's eyedropper on that one square in the Gretag Macbeth card corrected the cast.

So, I guess I'll have another report after I do some work this weekend.

Sounds similar ....

... to the things I am seeing with some of my Canon files.


I found a recent DCRaw lying arround and tried an update but saw no benefitical difference - though I was rushed and may have fogotten to do something during the installation.


Something somewhere is not quite right for some images.


I saw a note a day or two back about some sort of challenges trying to get the required information for RAW processing out of A7R files.  It sort of echoed the comments above. I may have bookmarked it  - not sure. I'll try to find it again.







I would be interested in

I would be interested in seeing it.  Because the bad news is that even with the dcraw update tweak I am still seeing this problem, and it might even be worse for one of the cameras.  The minor good news is that it is subtle, and it is one click correctable with the eyedropper tool.  And I couldn't tell there was any color cast to my images shot in normal circumstances with my A7R.

The good news is that the Nikon profiles are coming out neutral so far, so let's hope for the rest of the profiles from other makes.