Calling all Zombie crew members!

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Once before we made a plea that we needed technical assistance for both MAC and Linux. Well, mate-ees, we still do. In fact so far we've gotten precious little. We're not kidding, we need some assistance in these areas especially. Lots of new camera profiles will need to be done this year. I will remind all of you that it is in your own best interests for this to happen. Support comes from the community collectively, now, and that is the only place it's coming from. We need to be able to hold on until this thing is truly open sourced. Doug has been doing all the heavy lifting on this one, as I'm not technically-speaking ready quite yet. And we also have lives, and mine right now is a lot busier than usual.
So: Help us out!


I'll help out where I can. I've produced a couple of RAW profiles before so could certainly do so again, especially with Doug's Ruby script.




Count me on ... I live in Mac -world. Maybe you can send a private mail also and explain more.

Warmest regards,



What kind of Linux assistance do you need? Maybe you can drop me a mail, too? :-)

Kind regards

Linux help

A new update of dcraw is expected in the next few weeks. When it comes out, I'll make the LightZone modifications to the source code. Then we need to get it compiled for all three platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux. I can do Windows, so we're looking for people to handle the Mac and Linux builds.

For Linux, it's fairly simple:
gcc -o dcraw -O4 dcraw.c -lm -g -DNODEPS -DLIGHTZONE

Linux help

As I wrote on before a while: I can help with building and packaging on Linux.

I just discovered this site yesterday and I am glad that LightZone is not dead and there are people who can keep it up to date :)


Thanks for the instructions Doug. Just tried compiling the existing version 9.12 on my Linux machine and it worked fine. I've not tried executing it yet but can't see a problem. So I'd be happy to handle the Linux build.

Mac help

I have Xcode installed in my machine. This should be pretty straightforward also in Mac. When you are ready, I'll compile and test the version.


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