We have a new round of beta testing coming

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Pavel and Masahiro from the Dev Team have been working hard lately to get a new Windows build ready with new compiling tools.  Pavel ran into a bad snag, and once again Masahiro found a way to fix it.  So now we are getting close to being ready to beta test the next, new release of LightZone, (read more, click the link below...)

....with the addition of new (old) tools rescued by Doug, new raw profiles by Doug, and a couple of other tweaks and bug fixes by Masahiro, including a larger font. So we once again need some beta testers.  Please respond to this call using the comments link at the bottom of this post.  Remember to tell us your OS---this is for all OS's.

Would love to beta test

Windows 7 64 bit home built Pc and Dell E6510 Laptop.

Would love to help out

Windows 7 64-bit.

Jim Kofron
Happy to test

Window XP 32 bit, and Mac OS 10.6.8, 10.8

Beta Testing

If you send it, I'll try to break it.

Like Janis said... ;-).  Your

Like Janis said... ;-).  Your OS?


Don't bother with me. I registered from the very beginning and never got the link for the first test so just don't bother. I am confident you won't anyway..

I'm sorry...what?  I

I'm sorry...what?  I apologize that you didn't get the first link.  Do you think I did that on purpose?

Please in future just give me a reminder rather than stewing about it or getting angry at a perceived slight.  I answered maybe a couple of hundred requests for that link.  It's a bit of work running this site, and sometimes things get past me---Can you claim perfection?  You do understand it's not a paid gig, and we're working on this in our "spare" time?  Maybe next time consider a minute or two before throwing stones.

Tex:  Oops, sorry for the

Tex:  Oops, sorry for the omission.  Win7-64

Would love to test:

Would love to test:

Win 7 64bit

Beta testing

I'll do my very best to get some errors.

Win 7, 64 Bit

No win 8 user? Let me try!

No win 8 user? Let me try!

First one for Mac?

Yep, i'm willing to beta test.

OSX 10.8.5

Test the new beta

I will wiling to test also.

Either OSX 10.8.5 or Windows 8.1 x64


Would love to get involved

Would love to get involved with testing: WIn 7 64bit home built

Bruno C
OK for trying with Fuji X100s RAF on linux mageia 3

I'm OK for trying with Fuji X100s RAF on linux mageia 3 (the fedora 18 version is ok for mageia 3) ...

Would be happy to give it a workout!

Mac OS 10.8.5

win7 64bit on AMD Athlon X3

win7 64bit on AMD Athlon X3 CPU and HP AMD Notebook with win7 64 too

Another for Win7 64-bit

All Windows 7 64-bit machines here, desktops & laptops.

Joseph Sollenberger
Beta Testing

I am able to test on:

Windows XP Pro (32 bit)

Linux Mint Debian Edition (32 bit)

Count me in on the beta.

OSX 10.8.5

Love what v.4 can do.

WIn 7 or Win 8

I can test 64bit win8 home on a laptop and 64bit win 7 on a desktop

Eric Clayton
Vista and Fuji interest

Hi Tex,

I am interested in having a go at testing. My concern is seeing whether DCRAW 9.19 is included. This had solved the "zipper" problem of earler versions, when applied to Fujifilm X-E1 RAF files. I have several examples showing a zipper effect in Lightzone output, which was not present in DCRAW output.

Thanks for all your work, I have found Lightzone a joy to use.

Cheers Eric

Yes, dcraw 9.19 is included.

Yes, dcraw 9.19 is included.

Win 8.1

Would like to test.

Beta testing - Linux

I would not mind being a beta tester for lightzone. Love this product since years ago I discovered it.

I am  running Debian (7.1) and Mint 14

32 Bit.



w7 64 and 32bit

w8.1 64bit

would be glad to test on 3 machines

windows beta testing

Windows 7, 64 bit.

Would love to help.

I'd like to beta test.

I'd like to beta test. Win7x64

I'll beta tester

Hi tex,


Sign me up for VIsta 32-bit

have win8 x64 will test

also need password fix, have to ask for a new password for each login.....



time marches on: now have win8.1 x64

time marches on: now have win8.1 x64


password brew ha ha fixed

Linux: Ubuntu 12.04, Mint 13

I'd like to beta test for these OS. I have updated java to to more recent version from the repository that solved LZ 4 run time issues. Hope this is still true.

RE Beta Test

I would love to give it a trial.

Win 7 64 Bit, latest update 21 Sep 13

Linux, Mint 15 Cinnamon Edition, 64 Bit, latest update as 21 Sep 13

Mac Snow Leopard, latest update as of 21 Sept 13

beta test

<p>would test it on opensuse 12.3 (x86_64)</p>


I really want to try this!



Windows 8.1 x64

would love to test

thank you

Win7/64 and Vista/32

Two different machines with 64-bit Windows 7; perhaps I would test it also on a Vista laptop, where I've noticed some strange behavior of Lightzone 4.0.


WIN7/64 on Tower and laptop.  In a good posiion to test beta.



Win 7/64

Would happily give it a ride if you please.

i'm in

if you need some more testing-staff, i'm on Windows7 Ultimate 64bit

Please add me

Windows XP professional. 32 bit. Micro Electronincs Power Spec Pentium Dual Core 3.20GHz 1.93 GB Ram

I like to take part

in the beta test. My system is Windows 7 64-bit home premium.

I want to try the new Beta-version :)

Hi. I'm using mostly Linux-Mint 15 (Ubuntu 13.04) 64 Bit and not very often Windows 7 64 bit.

beta test!

windows 7/64

Nick Auskeur
Beta Test

I would also like to be considered for the beta test:


Win XP Professional 32bit.  Pentium (R) D 3.20Ghz 3GB Ram



Let's go testing...

Windows 8 64-bit

Ubuntu Gnome 13.10 64 bit - Beta OS


ario arioldi
I can test on OSX 10.8.5

I can test on OSX 10.8.5

When will the beta test start

When will the beta test start? I have some new photos to rock on a new Beta version =D

I thought it would have

I thought it would have already started by now.  Some snag must have occurred.

Beta testing new round

I can test on MacOS X 10.6.8.


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