LightZone how-to articles and videos

The LightZone Project Videos

The LightZone Project has its own channel on YouTube. Almost 3 hours worth. Where possible, it helps to adjust the quality settings on YouTube to higher resolutions.


More Videos

Thierry Martin

Thierry has some excellent tutorials on YouTube. You'll see lots of stuff there about lots of programs, but he has quite a bit on LightZone.  Be sure to leave him some comments as he has worked hard on these---and i now know from experience that they are not as easy to do as one might think.  See also this forum thread.

John Arnold

Not exactly new, but important tutorials on Lightroom-LightZone integration.  These are the best available. He may have updated these, and may eventually even tailor them for us. They are included here for everyone using Lightroom---and by extension other programs that can use LZ as a designated editor. There is a lot of LightRoom stuff included, obviously, but #'s 1, 2, and 3 show the LightZone material.


Older Materials:

A hodge-podge of articles and videos from around the Web. The common theme is "how to use LightZone." Most of them are rather old.


Light Crafts

Digital Outback Photo

A number of articles about using LightZone appeared at Uwe Steinmueller's Digital Outback Photo site. These are fairly old, most of them dating back to LightZone 2 and the 2006-2007 timeframe. But they can still be interesting.

Jacek Góźdź

Jacek put together a couple of PDFs, back around 2007.

Fabio Riccardi

Fabio posted some discussions about how he'd processed some photos. These date back to 2006. They're a bit light on details, though. The original pages are gone, but the Wayback Machine has copies.

Martin Doonan

Not quite so dated, these are from 2008.

Craig Reynolds

These are from 2010, so almost certainly LZ 3.9.


Light Crafts

Light Crafts posted ten videos on YouTube in 2009; these appear to be for an early version of LightZone 3. Another video of unknown provenance appears to be of Light Crafts origin, but appears to be for LightZone 2.


This very short video dates back to 2007, but claims to be LZ 3.1.

Planet 5D

This one is from 2010, and appears to be LZ 3.9 running on Linux.

New Videos Featuring LightZone

I just discovered LightZone from John Arnold's YouTube channel. His series of videos on LightZone begin with this one.


This link takes you to LIGHTROOM tutorial...Not lightzone.

Just be Patient

This tutorial is actually about both Lightroom and Lightzone. The second half is an excellent demonstration of use of the Lightzone Zone Mapper tool.

How-to articles, etc

I just tried to open links to Fabio Riccardi's articles, I found all of the links to be broken. I suggest that the team should remove old links that no longer work.

Thanks for the heads-up, I'll

Thanks for the heads-up, I'll remove them tomorrow. They were early efforts and not that deep, so you aren't missing much. I've been reviewing these links (but not Fabio's, as I knew them...) to see where we need to fill gaps immediately, and I've had a nice email exchange with John Arnold, who may re-work his tutorials for us.

John Arnold Videos

That is great to hear tex. I think John does an excellent job of his detailed videos.


This virus came along with the LightZone download yesterday.

I just googled this and came

I just googled this and came up with nothing.. Could you give us a few more details, please? Which download? If windows, from a bit torrent or another? what virus scan are you using? there have been a few false positives.

We are serious about keeping our downloads clean, so please help us here with more info. Thanks.

Failure in the Video

Thank you for all the really good videos in the 'New LightZone Project video tutorials' on Youtube. But I think the last one of this videos have a failure.
It stopped at 1:54 and after that I can only hear the audiopart of this video. The videopart has no change after 1:54. MAybe you can fix it?

Seems to be working fine....?

Seems to be working fine....?  Try watching again.  Glad you like these videos, and I hope they are a help.  More on the way!

I'm now not at home, I'll try

I'm now not at home, I'll try it later again. And yes, the videos help me a lot :).

[Later, Update]: Now it works :).

new and first video in german

new and first video in german language about my sharpening workflow with an emulated unsharp masking.



Whitesmoke toolbar for IE.

I love your photo editing program, but I am wondering if you have the Whitesmoke toolbar for IE.attached to your download. It suddenly appeared on my system and I have been getting annoying advertisements whenever I launch internet explorer. I uninstalled the toolbar but I am still getting those advertisements.


We are not aware of any

We are not aware of any attachments to our software download links!  Has anyone else seen this?  We absolutely don't want this happening.  These things are a pernicious PITA!

Start up problems, Green screen

Today i've heard for the first time about this perfect program LightZone.

Everything worked well, registring, downloading and installation.

When LightZone started up for the first time and also all the times I was trying different things, the screen was all sorts of green, the enviroment as well as all of my pictures.

So now I need somebody, who tells me, what am I doing wrong or how can I solve the problem, because I don't believe in, that it will be my PC, because it's heavy enough to run everything I started it uip to now.

So please somebody, help so I can run and enjoy this program to,


Grz and thnx, Zoomer 

Article about LightZone in

For German readers there is an interesting article about working with LightZone.

Original size photos.

Firstly what a great product this is,at least I can understand it,compared to others. My question is after editing a photo how do I keep it at its original size,it always reduces them. Thanks in anticipation,Nikonover.

Lightzone samlper

When I shoot an 18% grey card to be Zone 5 (V),  I load it into Light zone and use the sampler tool I get between Zone 6 to Zone 7. Does this mean my camera's light meter is 2 stops over exposing?




Hi guys,

Hi guys,

I just joined the community today. Seems to be a really great tool. I like your tutorials, too!! Thanks for that.

Just one problem I am having, and its a crucial one:

In Browse Mode my raw files´ thumbnails look correct but when I open them in Edit Mode they loose all contrast and opacity.

Is there a problem with editing Olympus E-M10 raw files? File ending is . orf.

I tried converting directly without editing to tiff but they look as bad as my .orf in editing mode. Any ideas what I can do?




3.0 version license



I had purchased Lightzone 3.0 back in 2008.  

Is my license key of any value now that the company is out of business?


I do have 4.0 version installed





User-designed page setup?

I've kept LZ to play with in my spare time, but I just ran into a need that it ought to fill well, to produce some greeting cards -- except that I cannot figure out how to configure the User-Defined option on page set up in the printing module. I choose User-Defined but I see no place to enter the paper dimensions. Absent that, the module defaults to 13"x19", whihc doesn't help me at all. What am I missing? (Win7)

how to sign a picture

How do I sign a picture 



Editing Raw

I have been using Lightzone for some time, to date I have only edited JPG's, now that I have a new D5500 and using RAW the photos looks "normal" when selected, however when edit is actioned there is a heavy magenta hue to the whole photo, I have set my camera to take both JPG & RAW, the JPG edits perfectly and the RAW is really bad.

I am using Ver 4.1.0 beta14(4280b4c).

That'd be the dcraw version

The magenta hue is a signature of using an old version of dcraw that doesn't support that camera. Update to the latest version of LightZone and see if that helps.

Note: you may need to clear LightZone's cache (Edit>Preferences -- Browser Cache: Clear...) to get rid of any saved Raw mis-conversions. Otherwise pictures that you'd tried to edit before could still look magenta if the new LightZone uses a saved conversion from the old one.

Cleo Fogal
need a picasa replacement asap!

I do same day photos of people whitewater rafting.  I have been using Picasa for years because of its simplicity.  We import files of about 75 photos at a time, make minimal lighting adjustments, crop them individually, and print the whole file as 8x10s.  We also have a dozen computers in our system, and buying individual programs for them would be costly.  I think we will be able to do this with Darkzone, but would appreciate any tips on how to get the job done efficiently.  

print zones (bw), set number

I am sure this is buried in a tutorial,

but can someone help me (or redirect me) to

modify a bw photo into say 5 or 7 zones only?

I can see the zones to the right but how to do i

actually modify/print my image to be zoned like that?

thanks much in advance for your time-


me registro y me tira errores y no me da el serial..

me podran ayudar


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